INFO THE SHIPPING. This drug “Baron” imported cocaine from South America to Toulouse

The Basics A man from the West Indies is suspected of having imported nearly 20 kg of cocaine from Guyana and Suriname to Toulouse, Albi and Rodez, thanks to a well-established procedure. He is charged by the examining magistrate along with his two accomplices.

Did investigators at the Toulouse branch of Ofast, the judicial police’s central narcotics office, drop “the brain” of a major drug trade? Three people suspected of being involved in the importation and distribution of tens of kilos of cocaine in the area were charged on Tuesday morning. Two men were imprisoned.
Among the three suspects, a young man would be considered a wholesaler and a woman would be considered a dealer / consumer role. The third person, 30 years old, of Caribbean origin, is of particular interest to the PFY and coroner services. This organizer of many Antillian evenings in Toulouse would be a kind of “figure” of the drug trade. In just under two years it would have been possible to import around fifteen kilos of cocaine from Guyana and Suriname to France. Traffic that would have generated a turnover of more than one million euros.

Two years of investigation

In 2019, judicial police officers submitted a case to the Toulouse Public Prosecutor’s Office. They suspected that one person was one of the main suppliers of cocaine in the Pink City, but also in the cities of Albi and Rodez. A judicial investigation was launched and investigating magistrate Fabien Terrier entrusted the investigation to the territorial management of the Judicial Police (DTPJ). The investigation quickly revealed a link between this local human trafficker and a woman who would take on the role of a distributor with multiple business points in the area. By processing the relationships of these first suspects, particularly by wiretapping, the investigators would then have been able to officially identify the head of the network. It would be a man who would have a difficult legal past behind his facade as an organizer of West Indian evenings. Thanks to his address book, he would have put cocaine producers in Suriname and Guyana in contact with a wholesaler of skin garonnais.

A percentage for transactions

In order to deceive the vigilance of the French authorities, these traffickers had recruited mules in particular, who had ingested the substances on the flight between South America and France before “dumping” them in hotels near airports. Other well-paid volunteers tried to pack the medication in suitcases. Once in the area, the fabric was picked up by the wholesaler and sold to dealers in Toulouse, Albi and Rodez. In two years, this approach would have brought more than a million euros in profit. The boss didn’t touch the goods in advance, he was happy to receive a percentage on every transaction.

Provisional detention

This suspect, believed to be violent, supported by me, Jocelyn Momasso-Momasso, was arrested on Wednesday. The day before, the wholesaler and dealer defended by Mes Sarah Nabet-Claverie and Parra-Bruguière had also been taken into police custody. The three lawyers refrain from commenting. During interrogation, they minimized the facts and stated that they would only provide 100g of cocaine per month. The coroner decided to charge her with drug-related offenses. The two men were taken into custody by decision of the prison judge. On the other hand, the woman who would be less involved was released under judicial control.