Ingenuity: The NASA helicopter, inspired by a Leonardo da Vinci sketch?

Photo credit: (left) Croqsuis by Leonardo da Vinci. (Right) NASA

Did NASA really envision their Ingenuity helicopter that flew over Mars from start to finish last week? Given certain depictions of Da Vinci, one might wonder if his heirs couldn’t claim NASA’s copyright!

Ingenuity theft is historic, although it is highly controversial on social media. But Leonard De Vinci and Igor Sikorsky deserve to see their names in the design of the solar helicopter! Da Vinci is known for his airplane sketches … He was the first to draw a rotor airplane … And he looks weird like Ingenuity!

The first flight of a motorized and controlled airplane returns to Orville and Wilbur Wright. That was in North Carolina in 1903. Ingenuity is the first “helicopter” to fly in an atmosphere only one percent of the Earth’s atmosphere. 173 million kilometers separate these two events and 117 years, but they will forever remain connected in history.

What about Da Vinci?

Leonardo da Vinci is of course known for his famous painting, the Mona Lisa or the portrait of the Mona Lisa, which is on display in the Louvre in Paris. But he also left behind many rudimentary helicopter sketches. In 1483, for example, he made a drawing of a gyplane that, oddly enough, resembles the ingenuity of NASA.

Da Vinci proposed an air gyroscope with a propeller in 1483. His invention comprises a spiral surface made from a wire. It also has linen surfaces that have been made airtight thanks to the strength.

However, Da Vinci did not build his machine. His sketch was transformed by Sigorsky, who was the first to fly a helicopter in 1943. Probably inspired by Da Vinci’s sketches. So did NASA really invent Ingenuity, or was it also inspired by that brilliant inventor, Leornard Da Vinci?

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