“It will hit hard until mid-April”: What Emmanuel Macron said at Covid-19

The main thing Emmanuel Macron said during a meeting with mayors on Wednesday in the Yvelines that “it will hit hard by mid-April”. Deciphering the words of the head of state.

The sentence is barren and frightening at the same time. Emmanuel Macron reiterated that the Covid-19 in France will “hit hard until mid-April,” as reported the mayors of Île-de-France, who attended a video conference meeting with the head of state Yvelines on Wednesday.

The President of the Republic said this little sentence the day before the announcement of a new one-month prison sentence in Île-de-France, Hauts-de-France, Seine-Maritime, Eure and in the Alpes-Maritimes. 21 million French people are affected by these new measures, which must come into effect this Friday evening for a period of one month.

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A delay of fifteen days

To understand what Emmanuel Macron was talking about, you should know that there is always a gap between Covid-19 contamination and entering an intensive care unit. “The fifteen days associated with hospitalization and resuscitation have already been written, as it is the contamination that is taking place now,” said France Inter the Pr Bruno Riou, Paris Hospitals Medical Crisis Director for Public Aid. “Any decision made has no effect on the intensive care beds for a fortnight at the earliest.” And to confirm: “The situation is not out of control, but it will be”.

However, the Covid-19 numbers are already very worrying this week. The daily number of new Covid-19 contaminations has accelerated in the last few days: 34,998 Thursday, 38,501 Wednesday and 29,975 Tuesday. Since January 1, the number of patients admitted to the intensive care unit has risen again with 4,246 patients on Thursday evening and an average age below 2020. Every fourth patient admitted to the intensive care unit dies, says Professor Bruno Riou, AP-HP crisis doctor.

Very worrying numbers in Île-de-France

The virus, dominated by the English variant, is actively circulating, particularly on the Île-de-France. The incidence rate in the Paris Basin (number of infected people) was 446.1 per 100,000 population on Thursday March 18, the virus reproduction rate R 1.17 (one affected person infects 1.17 other people) and intensive care units are increasing treated as 1,200 patients. A number that will logically increase in the coming days. The peak of the second delivery in November 2020 is reached in the Paris region.

The decision to redefine the entire Île de France and a total of 16 French departments is precisely aimed at limiting social interactions as much as possible in order to avoid new contamination and possible entry into the intensive care unit. The vaccination will resume within a month, in mid-April. France is set to receive eight million doses of the Pfizer vaccine in April, and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is set to be commercialized.

In France, 2,393,568 people received the two injections of the vaccine. The government claims to have vaccinated 10 million French people by mid-April.

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