Jacqueline Gourault, Minister for Territorial Cohesion, visits Lourdes: “A truly exemplary Maison France Services”

The main thing, Jacqueline Gourault, Minister for Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities, was a visit to Lourdes on Monday.

“Really well done! I will inform the government and the President of the Republic that I saw a very exemplary Maison France Services in Lourdes.” Jacqueline Gourault did not hide her satisfaction during her visit to what is now the France Services house in Lourdes at 22 avenue a Maréchal. First greeted in the town hall by Thierry Lavit, the mayor of the Marian city, the minister pushed open the door of the place that he wanted to inaugurate. It was a chief judge who was pleased about this visit and said for the first time: “I am very happy, Minister, you have kept your promise, thank you for accepting our invitation. It is really an honor for me. And for the city of Lourdes to do so. ” I’ll see you here. You are a woman in the field and you know the problems of a city that has to adapt to the needs of the users of our territory. This Maison France Services is about proximity, access to public services and this is essential to facilitate relationships between partners. “The Mayor took the opportunity to recall the situation of Lourdes, confronted with the constraints related to the pandemic and perhaps even more affected than on the other hand by the resulting economic crisis:” Lourdes is a city with several peculiarities and Where the person is was of course strongly influenced from an economic point of view, but also from a social and human point of view. We are pleased that our city has received this valuable label. “

“A successful house”

Jacqueline Gourault recalled the government’s desire to strengthen the links between users and their public services through these houses that are popping up all over France: “Thank you, Mayor, for your welcome, I am delighted to see MPs and Senators Mmes again as well as the representative of the regional council, the prefect and the sub-prefect, but also all the elected officials of the city of Lourdes. This event has a very special flavor in many ways. These house services in France are quite successful and I have to tell you that I was not expecting had to find so many services here “. If labeling is based on specifications and at least 9 operators in Lourdes can offer access to that many services, they will eventually be around twenty: “It is important to bring back the state our fellow citizens live in. We are in a fragile area and the need for public services is even greater than anywhere else. You have fully understood the importance of this issue in a city very directly affected by the aftermath of the crisis in Covid. The human relationship is very important and the state always has its Territories supported to restore proximity and public presence. There are 1,123 structures of this type and you are 1,000, we hope by the end of the year 2,000. These premises are beautiful, bright and accessible is a wonderful France Services. I am sure that you will be a role model for other areas. “

A switch for seasonal workers

Among other things, the opening of the one-stop shop for seasonal workers also caught the minister’s attention: “Lourdes is one of the hypertouristic cities, and the mayor had the idea of ​​setting up a one-stop shop.” Jacqueline Gourault, like all the elected officials present, hopes for a way out of the crisis that does not mean returning to a life “before”: “The vaccine is beginning to ensure that many people are safe and that activity can resume . When the pilgrims and tourists return, we will not do what we did before. There will be new requirements and people will be careful of the quality of the welcome and security. Today I came to see if too there are still things to be done to help Lourdes “.