Jean Castex invited to Twitch by Samuel Étienne: What to remember during the interview

The essentials After François Hollande on Monday March 8th, it was Prime Minister Jean Castex’s turn to be the guest of journalist Samuel Étienne on his Twitch channel, the emerging social network.

Jean Castex estimated this Sunday, March 14th that it was necessary to have “confidence” in the AstraZeneca vaccine, and reiterated that he could decide on a new detention during an interview with journalist Samuel Étienne that evening, if this “necessary” is a platform for fans of Twitch video games.

“At this stage we must have confidence in this vaccine and be vaccinated, I say it in the most solemn way, otherwise we will have delays in vaccination, the French will be less protected and the health crisis will continue for a long time.” replied the head of government about doubts about the AstraZeneca vaccine. “We did not suspend because, on the contrary, we have no elements that would make us in France suspend this vaccination,” he argued.

For Jean Castex, this interview on the Twitch social network, which was frequently attended by the younger generation, was above all an opportunity to bring the government’s message home. “I wanted to talk to people who don’t hear press conferences, don’t see the news, etc. I wanted to be open about what it is like. It is an educational exercise, said the Prime Minister.

A new restriction “not excluded”

Regarding a possible rewording of Île-de-France, he replied: “Every day that goes by is a day that is won in order to avoid this restriction, but when it is necessary, as we have done elsewhere, such as we did it before, we will. ” .

“It is not ruled out, but we must use all weapons at our disposal to avoid a renewed containment in view of the consequences for the population,” he said. “The closure of schools is the last end,” repeated the head of government.

“We must not distinguish from a passport”

With regard to the “green passport” desired by the European Union, Jean Castex reiterated that France is “doing its full contribution” to the European Commission, which aims to put this health certificate into operation to allow travel within the EU before the summer holidays facilitate.

But he added: “We still have to give ourselves all health security guarantees, including ethical guarantees. We must not discriminate from a passport,” he said. France has so far hesitated with this type of vaccination certificate as it was too early when only a minority of people had access to the vaccine.

This hour and a half participation by Jean Castex in a live broadcast on Twitch is part of the executive’s desire to achieve a young goal that is more reluctant to traditional media. Overall, the Prime Minister’s performance was judged fairly harshly by observers who found him less pleasant than François Hollande, who was also invited to Twitch by Samuel Étienne on Monday March 8th.

Jean Castex, upset or even professor, struggles to find the right tone on a platform where spontaneous dialogue and complicity with the audience are essential.

Going on a platform without understanding the codes is a mistake, and Twitch is not television. #LaRencontreEstTienne

– François d’Estais (@fdestais) March 14, 2021

The recap of tonight’s #LaRencontreEstTienne with Jean Castex: Langue de Bois, not a sincere answer, briefly an interview as we can see on TF1. Thank you Samuel for trying to push him, but the concept doesn’t visibly work with a politician who is active.

– Erkende (@ Erkende22), March 14, 2021

The only slightly personal “confession” from Jean Castex was when he said he was “not convinced of the referee’s decision” during the game in the VI Nations tournament the day before, in which France was beaten 23:20 in England . It is poor compared to François Hollande’s stated regret that he was not represented in the 2017 presidential election. Without a doubt, the fact that Jean Castex is stationed in Matignon does not facilitate a more sincere speech.

As for the former President of the Republic, more than 80,000 internet users attended this interview at the height of the audience.

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