Jean Castex travels to Toulouse and turns his program upside down to meet the police

The main gift this morning in Toulouse to formalize state aid for the construction of the 3rd metro line, the Prime Minister changed his program to go to the police station.

After the terrorist attack, which again hit a police officer in Rambouillet on Friday, Prime Minister Jean Castex revised the program of his official visit to Occitania. He went to the base of the Toulouse cable car in Rangueil this morning to confirm the allocation of a budget of 200 million euros for the construction of the 3rd metro line, but he postponed the remainder of his relocation which it was supposed to lead to his Home of Gers.

Before returning to Paris, the head of government therefore went to the central police station. Jean Castex was greeted by Jean-Cyrille Reymond, Head of Public Security in Haute-Garonne, accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Marion Audigier, and exchanged a few words with several police officers on duty in front of the police station. “I want to assure you of the support of the state,” he confided to one of them, before welcoming the courage of another, “We will help you”.

Private exchange

The Prime Minister then isolated himself in the police station for more than thirty minutes. This meeting, to which the press was not invited, led to discussions with police officers about their safety.
The Prime Minister simply told them, ‘I made this impromptu visit, I messed up my program. Yesterday I was in Rambouillet with your very experienced colleagues, as you can imagine. I wanted to confirm the state’s unreserved support and determination, the technical advisor reports to the head of government. He added: “I would like to welcome your action and I will not forget that some of you are foiling attacks, especially Béziers lately.” We will not give up anything. We have to become one with you.

Mayor’s Trust

Comments confirmed by Jean-Luc Moudenc, Mayor of Toulouse, who was part of the delegation invited to the central police station. “He told the police that he was showing his support and that of the state,” added the mayor. “He insisted that we shouldn’t be afraid of those who try to scare us by soliciting the police’s reaction. He also taught them that a law will be passed in the Council of Ministers on Wednesday to strengthen police security resources and that the recovery plan will not forget them with additional resources to equip them with more efficient and safer vehicles, but also with more appropriate computer equipment … ”.
Jean Castex left Toulouse just before noon to join an attack crisis that had been in place in Paris since Friday evening.

“We no longer want to be targets,” proclaim the unions

Grégory Hemous, deputy division secretary of the Alliance union, who is present in the forecourt of the police station this morning, says “it is commendable that the prime minister is postponing his meetings to meet the police and assure them of his support” but that is not enough. “We no longer want the police to be attacked by criminals on the street or by terrorists at police stations,” added the unionist: “We are waiting for criminal reactions. Fixed and irreducible penalties for police attackers. We also need to ensure the safety of the police Check police stations. “
For his colleague Didier Martinez, Regional Head of the SGP Police Unit in Occitania: “The Prime Minister came to show all his sympathy, compassion and support. That is a good thing. His visit was not originally planned, it was organized at the last minute. This transition to the police station was important, but should trigger a reflection on the protection of the police. The police are a target. We must now address this issue of their security directly.

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