Job: The electric bike market is exploding, as are career opportunities!

But why are electric or classic motorcycles on the rise? Is it the containment effect? Or the “State aid, the regions” effect? For the first time, the bicycle market in France exceeds 3 billion euros. The strongest growth is that of electric bicycles. When you looked at “Capital” magazine on M6 on April 18, you noticed that an electric bike that bought 1199 euros could actually cost 50 euros with the various aids on offer. The reason for this enthusiasm could be the sinews of war!

However, this enthusiasm is not without consequence. Indeed, the fractures of certain spare parts are being felt today. Sometimes you have to wait several months to receive certain models of electric bicycles. Whether online or in physical stores, the electric bike appears to be a victim of its unprecedented success.

An explosive market that creates unprecedented expectations

3 billion euros for the bicycle market in France, an increase of 25% in 2020. In addition to the fact that the bicycle is a clean means of transport, it is also seen as a sustainable barrier gesture. Home-to-work trips, which can be done by bike (instead of public transport), put users at ease in times of pandemic.

It must be said that the authorities did not cut back on funds to encourage the purchase of these clean vehicles! For example, 215 million is the amount that is invested in corona tracks. A € 50 help is also available to repair your bike, the “Coup de Pouce” program. If we add the help of the metropolitan areas, departments, regions, it is possible to get an electric bike for free or almost for free!

“I’ve been cycling for twenty years, I’ve never seen that before. It had already started before the Covid, but it has exploded since then, “says Ghislaine Marès.” We receive 150 requests for information per day. We’re not getting by, our training sessions are full until 2022! It’s crazy, everyone wants to work on the bike. »Specifies the coordinator for training in cycling professions at the CNPC at Voix Du Nord.

State aid doesn’t stop falling!

And for the first time ever, electric bikes are surpassing the number of muscle bikes! UAEs now account for 56% of the market in France with 514 672 electric bikes sold in 2020 …

Never seen! With the new € 2,500 conversion bonus eligible for electric or cargo bikes if you throw away your old car, the success of high-end bikes is likely to grow even further … Investing in quality products », explains the co-founder of the Mustache brand Gregory Sand on the website

What are the possible jobs in the bicycle sector? Photo credit: Shutterstock / Oleksiy Rezin

Which possible professions related to cycling?

As the bicycle market explodes, it is also a source of jobs and the cycling-related education sector is also exploding. Here are some professions that aren’t new but can open more and more doors.

Bicycle technician salesman: The training lasts eight weeks and is qualifying. With the Professional Qualification Certificate (CQP) you can maintain, repair and sell bicycles. It is provided by the CNPC. The list of CNPC offices can be found here. Cyclists: The training lasts four weeks, one of which is an internship. It’s free, unqualified, and only available to job seekers. Developed last summer to respond to bike charging, it teaches the basics of mechanics. Bicycle mechanic: This qualification training lasts 350 hours and extends over three to four months. It is a qualifying training. It teaches the candidate to prepare, assemble and maintain all types of bicycles and is provided by the INCM. Technical advisor for bicycles: This diploma course is still offered by the INCM and lasts 12 months. The candidate can learn how to prepare, set up, maintain, diagnose, organize, and manage all of the activity. In this training the candidate also learns how to advise customers and how to relate to the public.

Are we approaching a shortage of electric bikes? Very possible!

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