Kerfton Camper Trailer: an amazing caravan trailer

A few years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to come across collapsible trailers in the campsites of our childhood … Something forgotten in favor of hard-built trailers and RVs … Kerfton seems to want to bring back the taste of the trailer-folding principle comes to life with the camper trailer.

An all-in-one trailer that allows you to drive with the family for a few days without having to pull a street juggernaut or huge caravan. The campsite is also the change of landscape, the bivouac and the approach to nature. Presentation of the Kerfton Camper Trailer motorhome.

The Kerfton Camper Trailer is a compromise between trailer and motorhome. Practical for light travel, it also benefits from a modern design that fits perfectly with all vehicles. All important things are concentrated in a small space that can be closed for driving. So there is everything you need to have a good time with your family.

Removable sink, gas and hob Storage of refrigerators, tables and benches that can be accessed by two of them without having to unfold the device

So much for the main principles and after use, the “mobile home” offers all the comforts and it only takes a few minutes to use it.

In the Kerfton Camper Trailer

Most importantly, there is a spacious but functional living room.

A queen-size main bed with two beds. Two single beds for children. A heating system. Chic and designer wardrobes

If you want to take a break or spend a night under the starry sky, the trailer stabilizer is easily integrated into the device.

Image credit: Kerfton

The Kerfton Camper Trailer is a real small collapsible caravan that offers all the comforts in the smallest of spaces. Once the entire camper is unfolded it is quite possible to live there as a family with young children or even teenagers!

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