Kidnapped and violently beaten in the Toulouse-Seysses remand prison for missing parcel drops

The essentials A young man in his twenties was kidnapped for several hours in Bruguières, north of Toulouse, in early May and severely beaten by two people who accused him of throwing packages into the Seysses pre-trial detention center.

A failed mission that got him beating. For a few hundred euros, a young man in his twenties agreed to throw packages over the fence at the Toulouse-Seysses remand prison. “Recruited” by a friend, this person will therefore go to the edge of this penal institution at the beginning of May. He is accompanied by two people. At the request of his sponsors, he will throw the packages away, but miss his “target”. The packages will therefore never arrive in the hands of the recipient (s). This mistake will cost him dearly.

To get revenge for this unsuccessful mission, the two men who accompanied him will force him on board their vehicle. You will take him to a house in the city of Bruguières. In this house, the youngster is kidnapped and then severely beaten several times. After a few hours, the victim is finally released and dumped in front of her home in Launaguet, about ten kilometers from where she was abducted.

A debt to repay

Before leaving, the duo will ask him to reimburse the “damage” caused by these “bad” package drops. A sum that this young man obviously does not have. A few hours later he decides to file a complaint with the Muret gendarmerie. In view of the facts, the Toulouse Saint-Michel Research Brigade (BR) is confiscated.

The investigations, carried out quickly by the military, allow multiple people to be identified. Four people were arrested on Tuesday morning June 8th. Among them two young people who are very poorly known to the courts. One was even convicted in a major drug trafficking case a few months ago.

After the police custody was over, two defendants were referred to the Toulouse Public Prosecutor that Thursday morning. They were summoned to appear before the criminal court immediately. That Thursday afternoon, the hearing was postponed to July 8th. Her lawyers, Me Sarah Nabet-Claverie of Me Alexandre Parra-Bruguiere and Me Cécile Brandély, requested a delay in preparation for the defense of these two young men.

They were held in custody pending the next hearing in the Toulouse Criminal Court.

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