Kidnapping of Mia: Rémy Daillet, the “guru” of the French kidnappers, was arrested in Malaysia on Saturday

the essential French Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann, who was suspected of kidnapping little Mia in April last year, was arrested in Malaysia because of his administrative situation. An international arrest warrant is in progress against him.

Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann was arrested this Saturday 29 May in Malaysia, where he lives. As a French citizen, he recently made a name for himself by taking part in the kidnapping of little Mia (8) in the Grand-Est. He is considered the “guru” of a group of individuals fighting for parental rights and has been the subject of an international arrest warrant ever since.

But due to his administrative situation, according to our colleagues, the former leader of the modem in Haute-Garonne would have been arrested by the Parisian in Malaysia. “A visa problem”, more precisely, which could mark the beginning of his procedure for his return to France, “where the officers and gendarmes responsible for the case of the kidnapping of little Mia await him”, our colleagues specify.

Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann, 54, was banned from the modem in 2010 and has since switched to the conspiracy sphere, which he feeds from Malaysia. It is principles he defends that inspired the members of the group that provoked and carried out the kidnapping of little Mia, and that his mother wanted to win back despite the fact that the judiciary had stripped him of custody.

In a video posted online after Mia’s kidnapping, Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann tried to defend himself. Without mentioning Mia by name, he refuted the term kidnapping. “The big press tries to discredit us as much as possible, for example by accusing me of promoting kidnappings,” he said in this somewhat incoherent 5-minute video. “Our organization, free, resistant, returns children kidnapped by the state to their parents at their request. So there are absolutely no kidnappings.”

In other older videos, he defended the idea of ​​a people’s coup and said he was against taxes, vaccines, masks or 5G.

In the context of the Mia case, six men and the girl’s mother, who were close to the anti-system movement and conspirators, were charged and taken into custody.

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