Kidnapping of Mia: Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann’s companion defends herself and settles accounts with her ex-husband from Gers

The essentials Since the kidnapping of little Mia by her mother, the French Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann, who lives in Malaysia, has been the target of an international arrest warrant. He is said to have inspired Mia’s mother. He is also accused by a Gersois, Lilian Vanherpe, of manipulating his ex-wife to deprive him of custody of his three children. This time she takes the floor to defend Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann.

Previously unknown to the public, the life of Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann was scrutinized this week after the kidnapping of little Mia (8), who was found crouching with her mother in Switzerland. This sulphurous man installed in Malaysia, who has influence on the conspiracy, has since been attacked by an international arrest warrant. He is said to have inspired Mia’s mother to organize the kidnapping of her own daughter, who was taken from her by the social services.

A 53-year-old Gersois, Lilian Vanherpe, spoke in our columns on Wednesday. In return, he accuses Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann of manipulating his ex-wife in order to remove him from the custody of their three children. In fact, two of Lilian Vanherpe’s and his ex-wife’s three children currently live with their mother in Malaysia and have lived with Rémy Daillet-Wiedemann in the past. The Gersois even ensures that his children do not go to school and speaks of “sectarian behavior”.

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Instrumentalization for “billing personal accounts”?

The indictment was undermined this Friday, April 23rd by former Ms. Vanherpe, who prefers to remain anonymous. Through a press release from her lawyer, Me Jean-Christophe Basson-Larbi, she accused the Gersois of “using the aftermath of this affair to settle personal accounts with them”, saying she was “a collateral victim of the media and the judiciary’s enthusiasm for it . ” Message. “

She claims that her ex-husband “falsely poses as a father who is alleged to have been the victim of an international kidnapping of underage children staged by Mr Daillet-Wiedemann five years ago, which is completely wrong”. She recalls that Lilian Vanherpe was convicted of domestic violence by the Auch Criminal Court in 2010. She assures us that he refused to join her and the children in Malaysia as her original project wanted and that he “cut off their food.”

Another point of contention: Lilian Vanherpe claimed in La Dépêche that the oldest of her children had “fled” from Malaysia and returned to France. He was “escorted to the airport by his mother and, at his request, handed over to the flight crew to return to France to continue his boarding studies,” his mother replied. She explains that the father has visiting rights that he does not use and that the Malaysian consulate services did not mention “unfavorable living and educational conditions” for their children there. Finally, she claims to have “no knowledge of the kidnapping case of little Mia, which does not concern her, nor of a possible involvement of Mr. Daillet-Wiedemann, who is presumed innocent.” She nevertheless states that she does not share “all of the ideas” of the latter and that she does not want to adapt to them.

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