Kidnapping of Mia: Who are the kidnappers, men who are against “the state and the health dictatorship”?

The essentials The five men behind the kidnapping of Mia (8) in the Vosges on April 13th imagined a “military operation” to remove the child from his grandmother. The child and his mother were found in Switzerland this Sunday morning. Mia is in good health.

A few hours after the discovery of Mia and her mother squatting in Switzerland, Nancy François Perain’s public prosecutor held a press conference that Sunday morning to reveal the details of the kidnapping of the little girl of 8 years old with her grandmother in the Vosges Mountains.

A “military operation”

The perpetrators of the abduction of Mia, 8, on April 13 in Poulières in the Vosges Mountains, considered the abduction a “military operation” that was carried out “resolutely”, said the prosecutor of Nancy Francois Perain. The suspects called the kidnapping “Operation Lima”.

Five unknown suspects from the judiciary

The five kidnappers are men who didn’t know each other. They met through social networks. They are pretty well integrated into society and share “the same community of ideas”. They are “against the state” and “against the health dictatorship”. The prosecution introduced them by their nicknames:

Jeannot, des Lilas (93), born 1960, no job Pitchoune, from Paris, born 1963, temporarily on the show Le corbeau, from Varreddes (77), lives with his parents Bruno, born 1961, 54 years old, Technical Director Bouga , 25 years, born 1978, animator (he was involved in the preparation of the action)

Four suspects were involved in the kidnapping of the girl, the fifth admits to having participated in the preparation. The investigators found walkie-talkies and 3,000 euros in cash.

This group believes that “children placed in the framework of child protection are wrongly removed from their parents,” prosecutors said. “They think we have to act to get these children back to their parents.” So they wanted to help Lola, Mia’s mother, find her daughter.

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A gentle kidnapping

Three men presented themselves on April 13th at their grandmother’s house in Les Poulières in the Vosges and introduced themselves as representatives of child protection. The grandmother easily passed the child on to the three men. The judiciary had placed Mia with her grandmother a few weeks ago.

Cross the Swiss border on foot

After Mia was abducted, the kidnappers joined her mother and crossed the Franco-Swiss border on foot, walking for two hours, taking turns carrying the girl. An accomplice, “Romeo”, a 40-year-old Frenchman who lives in Switzerland, took Mia and her mother to a hotel in Estavayer-le-Lac, where they stayed from April 13th to 14th . They then took a taxi to Neufchâtel, where they were housed by a kidnapist sympathizer on the night of April 14-15, before being taken to a squat in a disused factory in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland.

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An arrest warrant for Mia’s mother

In the coming hours, a European arrest warrant against Lola Montemaggi (28), the child’s mother, will be issued. On her return to France, she was heard by an examining magistrate.

200 gendarmes mobilized

From the triggering of the kidnapping alarm to the location of Mia in an abandoned factory in Switzerland this Sunday morning, almost two hundred gendarmes were mobilized as part of the investigation. The kidnapping alarm went off on Tuesday, April 13th at 9 p.m.

Mia will find her grandmother

Mia was “in good health,” said the prosecutor. As soon as she is heard by the Swiss police, she will return to France with a social worker and a psychologist who will hand her over to her grandmother, who had custody of her. The reunion will take place in an unknown location outside the cameras, said the gendarmerie. The grandmother left her house that Sunday at 4.30 p.m., accompanied by gendarmes.

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