Koh-Lanta: Meet Magali and Jonathan, candidates from Occitanie

The essentials The twentieth season of “Koh-Lanta”, which will be broadcast from this Friday evening, takes place on an island in French Polynesia. New rules arise. Two candidates, Magali and Jonathan, are from the region.

Here it starts again for “Koh-Lanta”! Just three months after Alexandra’s victory, TF1 pulled a new shot of the season in the second game last autumn. The shoot took place on an island in French Polynesia with PCR tests and barrier gestures.

The selected adventurers are sporty and younger this year. The oldest is 48 years old. Two of the twenty candidates are from Occitania. Magali, 47, manager of a sports hall near Montpellier and Jonathan, a 31-year-old climbing instructor from Millau in Aveyron.

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Magalis strengths: “Sport, fighting spirit and mentality”

Magali Sevenier, 47, is the manager of a fitness studio, MJ Fitness, in Fabrègues in the Hérault. She is also the physical trainer for HBF 3M, the Montpellier women’s handball club. Magali is the oldest candidate this year. According to her, his strengths? “Sport, fighting spirit and spirit”. Your disadvantages? “Lack of strategy and a little too much empathy”. “Before I go,” Magali tells La Dépêche, “my friends brainwashed me by telling me again. You have no friends on the island, you have no friends on the island, really take care of yourself. I tried to have that sentence repeat every time. Even if we create affinities. “In retrospect, Magali believes” to have remained honest to the end “and to have been” true to myself “.

The adventurers once discovered at the airport that the filming would take place in French Polynesia. In 2020, the host Denis Brogniart announced that it would take place in France. “While I was laughing, I said to my friends: If I am lucky, it will be in Lozère,” says Magali, amused. “So French Polynesia was a good surprise.”

Magali first registered in 2003, but learned at the same time that she was pregnant. It was her daughter, now 16, who urged her to sign up during her first delivery.

The former candidate she admires most? “Teheiura, because he really is the legendary adventurer, he is a reference for me in terms of survival and nature.”

Tonight Magali will of course be standing in front of her television with her daughter, in the video with the handball players she trains, and “a little cold beer”.

Jonathan: sporty, sociable, craftsman

Jonathan Julien, 31, is a climbing instructor. Born in Morlaix in Finistère, he moved to Millau in Aveyron with his partner three years ago out of a passion for climbing. He created his own climbing and canyoning structure, Accroch’toi, in Millau.

To do “Koh-Lanta” for Jonathan, “it’s a child’s dream. When I first saw it, I was in fifth grade,” he explains to La Dépêche. Jonathan has cast “six to eight times” in the past before being selected last year.

Jonathan’s strengths? “I sold myself as a sporty person, quite sociable. I love to do handicrafts so that it can be an asset to Koh-Lanta, with the shitty side, what” And his mistakes? “I’m afraid of insects, I have a spider phobia and the relational side, even if I get along with everyone.”

Jonathan’s model in “Koh Lanta”? “Claude, of course, who is the modeling adventurer. I adored Naoil, her values ​​and character, she was really upright in her boots.”

Jonathan will also be watching TV tonight with his partner and some friends.

Secret weapons: new rules

The twenty adventurers will have “weapons” at their disposal. You can be offensive or defensive. These weapons were hidden in each camp of the teams.

“the diversion of voting” that deprives a candidate of voting and “ends or doubles” his vote, which consists of a duel between two adventurers to save his place. “the black bracelet” that breaks a chain of immunity that during a council is played, after the votes are counted, “the secret ambassador” who can be used after the reunification

Another change in the rules of the game: the use of a talisman. It is given to the captains of each team in two parts and hidden from the team members. When both parts of the talisman are played at the same time, the captains are entitled to a double vote during the council.

“After so many seasons we have adventurers who are Koh Lanta experts and it seemed important to us to disturb the certainties,” said Julien Magne, the show’s producer.

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