Koh-Lanta: What Inès, the Toulouse nurse, had never said before

The essentials Two years after her stay in “Koh-Lanta”, Inès, the 26-year-old nurse from Toulouse, looks back on her time on the show and reveals some anecdotes from the filming in the Fiji Islands.

While the new season of “Koh-Lanta” started a week ago – Magali from Montpellier and Jonathan de Millau are the candidates for Occitanie this year – the fans of the TF1 game have not forgotten Inès, the glittering nurse of Toulouse. She came in the final against Naoil, who had won “Koh-Lanta, the island of heroes”.

Two years after “Koh-Lanta”, Inès is currently in the cast of “The Broken Heart Villa” which airs on TFX.

Inès returns to her passage in “Koh-Lanta” in an interview published in TV magazine.

Inès admits: The photos that were sent with her application letter for “Koh-Lanta” played in her favor. “It’s not narcissistic on my part, but I was in a swimsuit, they could tell themselves that I corresponded to a certain coveted profile,” she explains to TV magazine. She had written her cover letter in a library where she was completing her thesis. Another advantage for her before the candidate selection panel was that she was deliberately provoked by her southern accent: “They appreciated to see me had the interviewee”.

The swimsuit episode

From the beginning, Inès was characterized by her very low-cut swimsuit, which had led to a lot of comments on social networks. “I didn’t notice anything during the game, I loved swimming, brought the rope back, woven the ladder and climbed as quickly as possible,” Inès remembers. It was Naoil who had drawn his attention to his swimsuit. Inès confirms that Denis Brogniart, the host, had assured her that nothing would be shown on the screen as “Koh-Lanta” is a family program.

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She didn’t unpack her bag

Inès explains to the TV magazine that she has never unpacked her “Koh Lanta” bag since she returned two years ago. It still contains his clothes and sneakers. “When I open it, it still smells of wood fire, the sea, I love it”. Inès brought back several souvenirs from Fiji: her pumpkin, papers announcing the trials, and a large pot of rice that she admits he stole.

The nursing profession during the break

Inès gave up her job as a nurse in Paris. A break only because she doesn’t want to quit her job. “I’ve gained visibility on social networks, which means I can make money,” explains the Toulousaine. She only uses her Instagram account @InesKohLanta.

Inès lived in a 11 m² studio in Paris. She now lives in “a very well-located maisonette in Paris”. She explains: “Without being rich, I can measure my happiness by the fact that I no longer have to count my pennies on the next cent.” She accepts few contracts because “she doesn’t want to become a billboard” and negotiates her own contracts. “Koh-Lanta is the best memory of my life so far”, Inès recognizes. She stayed in contact with Claude and Ahmad, but declares that she has distanced herself from Moussa and Naoil.

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