La Ch’tite Maison Solidaire, a positive solution to poor housing conditions.

We know the call of the north and its people with a big heart! We met a pearl there! This is the challenge that Christophe Thomas took on in order to sensitize citizens to solidarity. This former banker from Lille decided to leave everything to develop a project full of humanity: the Ch’tite Maison Solidaire.

The idea is to share your “additional comfort” – as C. Thomas likes to call it – or your personal comfort for more sobriety and thus to respect the environment and at the same time to help the most disadvantaged people. A really positive and societal war against poor housing is underway!

AirBnB hackers for the common good!

In order to create a balanced model for the association, Christophe rents the rooms of his house – or his entire house – on AirBnB to tourists traveling through Lille and then donates the money to the association Ch’tite Maison.

Thanks to the money raised, the latter prepares for employment and in turn employs people in need. It pays them a salary that they can use to pay their rent. A true circular economy is being built between the rich and the most disadvantaged. The circle closes!

La Ch’tite Maison has had children!

Welcome to Ch’tites Maisons Solidaires! The association, founded in 2017, is full of good humor and humanity and promotes sharing, exchange, creating social connections and commitment to others. Today, surrounded by new solidarity leaders, more than a hundred of them stand up for the common good and rent their houses to tourists or business travelers. And more than 900 people have already registered as tenants! The idea is to awaken citizens to sharing and diversity while preserving the planet. La ch’tite Maison has managed to protect a family since 2017!

Future eco-district of Lille’Pouss’, consisting of 5 tiny houses. Photo credit: Alexandra Borie

An eco-neighborhood with tiny houses that rhymes with Lil’Pouss’.

But the humanistic warrior doesn’t stop there and start a new battle with Lil’pouss’! On a new scale, Christophe and his dedicated troop are attacking urban squats to turn them into an eco-neighborhood again! Thanks to the participatory budget of the city of Lille, it is a fallow area of ​​900 m2 in Lille Saint Maurice that the Ch’tite Maison Solidaire has just restored for a temporary employment of 5 years (1 year renewable 4 times). From the second half of 2021, thanks to the creation of low-energy nomadic habitats that many of us dream of today, the association will welcome homeless people there – tiny houses! These microhouses are a real solution for emergency shelters as well as for the temporary exploitation of urban wasteland. Their added bonus is that they offer minimal convenience with low CO2 emissions. 🙂

Christophe Thomas: “If you rent the entire Ch’tite Maison Solidaire for one night with friends, you can accommodate a family for 40 days. This income will be used to improve living conditions in the slums of Lille. This is 33 € / person if you use the 15 beds and put away a home for 40 days. “”

What if the eco-friendly mini house was the key to bringing two worlds together? Some are moving towards comfort, others towards sobriety, minimalism. All can be found in perfect equality on the same level of comfort. We then get the diversity that we can hardly find in current solutions. Diversity is a wealth that makes it possible to question one’s own way of thinking, expand one’s field of vision and promote progress. Around the eco-district, residents, neighbors and all visitors can design and maintain a shared garden together, discover low-tech phyto-cleaning … A space for green and social innovations that is open to everyone, where women and men of different origins are Origins come together and become a source of inspiration for others!

A very real and collective utopia to take care of OTHERS!

To support this struggle and to build up the solidarity eco-district Lil’Pouss, the Ch’tite Maison Solidaire is surrounded by many regional schools such as ICAM, CFA BTP de Roubaix, Ecole de la Seconde Chance, EPPED Production School … to make students aware of the common good and, above all, to win people over to projects that have meaning and heart!

This proof of concept – because yes, it is a first! – Responds to four of the United Nations-sponsored Sustainable Development Goals: “Reducing Inequalities”; “Fight Against Poverty”; “Ordinary work”; “Sustainable Cities and Towns”.

© La Chtite Maison Solidaire: Christophe and Tony, the lovely meeting that gave birth to the association

The first three tiny houses will see the light of day this summer and Lil’Pouss’ intends to build two new ones next fall to create a real little ecological neighborhood. Water, electricity, phyto-purification, Lil’Pouss also aims to become a real “cabinet of curiosity” in relation to the environmental transition.

The goal of Lil’Pouss’ is to develop concrete solutions in one place in order to reduce the ecological footprint and at the same time offer everyone better living conditions. Ultimately, Lil’Pouss will offer small rents on these small participatory housing units and set up a system of wealth redistribution so that people in need can live quietly thanks to the jobs they have found through the association of the Maison. A job that doesn’t have to be economically viable and that can simply take care of the planet.

Unite in diversity to care for the planet.

La Ch’tite Maison Solidaire and Lil’Pouss’ are part of a real social odyssey! They finance green jobs, rebalance comfort by uncovering the talents discovered in the social and solidarity economy, and of course they actively participate in creating social connections.

You too can embark on this beautiful positive, cultural and ecological journey without traveling thousands of miles by contributing from home and on your scale by opening up your home to encourage empathy, your vision of the Expand the world and find innovative solutions to grow together!