Laughing gas arouses envy: A nitrous oxide supplier pointed to Agen

The Basics A person was attacked in Agen on Friday evening while sitting in his vehicle. Four thieves stole two boxes of gas capsules and his wallet from him. Three of them were quickly arrested by the police.

For several months now, find out why the use of nitrous oxide has made headlines, especially since the beginning of the health crisis, especially in Agen (Lot-et-Garonne), where the summer outdoor parties were organized in several areas of life it came because of the use of this Product known as laughing gas to overflow.

Suffice it to say that the product is particularly in demand. Especially since parliamentarians are dealing with this topical issue in order to make access to nitrous oxide cartridges more difficult for French youth. Who says sought-after products say human trafficking and sometimes violent theft. This happened on Friday evening around 9:30 p.m. in Agen, when a nitrous oxide supplier was stopped by four people who had stolen two boxes of gas capsules and his wallet with a pistol.

Opportunity Theft Or Prepared To Hit?

The facts took place on Avenue Georges Cuvier. Fortunately, police officers from the BAC and the night brigade in uniform quickly intervened in the location of the robbery and arrested three of the four thieves. The three thieves have been held in police custody and the fourth is still actively being sought. The judicial officer in charge of the investigation carried out searches that Saturday morning.

This case is being taken very seriously at the Agen Police Station, where we wonder why the robbery was carried out and, in particular, whether it was an opportunity theft or a premeditated coup. This would suggest that the nitrous oxide supplier was being prosecuted, but the investigation has not yet confirmed this. It should be noted that during the robbery, the supplier’s vehicle was damaged because the thieves released the handbrake and the car locked a little further.