Laughing gas: have you ever experienced this dangerous gas? Tell us

The essentials In order to produce a report on the dangers of the use of nitrous oxide, which is becoming increasingly common among young people, La Dépêche looks for testimonials from people who have already used it or from relatives of consumers.

Laughing gas, sometimes referred to as “laughing gas” or “proto”, is a gas that is sold in the form of cartridges intended for domestic use, particularly for culinary purposes, over whipped cream siphons. However, more and more young people are distracting the use of this product for a disinhibiting and euphoric effect. This massive phenomenon has led to an increase in serious cases (suffocation, loss of consciousness, burns, dizziness, falls, etc.) in recent years, which has led the authorities to be vigilant.

In order to compile a file on the dangers of consuming this product, which is freely available for sale, La Dépêche du Midi looks for testimonials from people who have already consumed it or from relatives of concerned consumers. If you are concerned, please fill out the form below. A journalist can contact you.

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