Let them in, the dogs’ paws are cleaner than the soles of your shoes!

No you can’t go inside with your dog? But he’s a service dog! Unfortunately, this is often heard by people who benefit from an assistance dog … Even if the law of February 11, 2005 forbids denying these indispensable dogs access to public places, that is often what actually happens.

And the reason for the rejection is mostly dog ​​hygiene … Of course, dogs can leave marks in the rain, just as much as a human shoe ends up … To try to get these dogs to do a scientific study that is on News Medical states that a dog’s paws are much cleaner than a human’s!

In Germany, 81% of people supported by a dog were denied access to a public place! According to the study, at least 10,000 people in Europe benefit from these dogs. Guide dogs, like all assistance dogs, are trained not to be distracted by the food … or not to steal sausage from the butcher’s stall.

The study of dog hygiene

Regarding the lack of hygiene, the researchers of this Dutch study set out to prove otherwise. To conduct this study, they took material from the underside of the legs of 25 service dogs … and 25 soles from their owners … Another group of 25 service dogs and 25 soles came to complete this study.

81% of those assisted by a dog were denied entry to a public place. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Africa Studio

Scientists from Utrecht University then looked for traces of Enterobacteriaceae, which are responsible for diarrhea or intestinal problems. And the results of Jasmijn Vos, head of the study, are final:

The paws of the assistance dogs had 72% negative rates of Enterobacteriaceae compared to 42% for the shoe soles. The paws of the assistance dogs showed a lower score than those of the assistance dogs. But still among the bacteria on the soles of the shoes!

This study shows the absurdity of these situations! From now on we should ask everyone who enters a public place to take off their shoes! Assistance dogs are not pets and those who benefit cannot live without them! Are those who reject these dogs free from benevolence?