LGV: How Toulouse managed to bring Paris to 3 hours by train

The essentials Following the mobilization of the Occitania region and Toulouse Métropole, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced by post that the State would commit 4.1 billion to the LGV Bordeaux-Toulouse. Work is expected to start in mid-2024. A decisive step.

Toulouse will have its LGV. In a letter sent to Carole Delga and Jean-Luc Moudenc on Wednesday April 28th, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that the state would provide 4.1 billion euros as part of the Bordeaux high-speed rail project – Toulouse. A victory after years of fighting to get the LGV to the capital of Occitanie, the last metropolis not connected to the high-speed rail network.

On Sunday, the President (PS) of the Region and the President (LR) of Toulouse Métropole put pressure on and jointly wrote a press release to ask the government to take quick decisions on this project. The state had just released more than a billion euros for another high-speed line between Marseille and Nice. But still no announcement for Occitanie … La Dépêche du Midi filed a petition on Tuesday in favor of this line, which should bring Toulouse closer to Paris.

The LGV will also benefit daily trains with the creation of an RER

According to our information, the Prime Minister has therefore announced substantial government funding of 4.1 billion euros for the development of the 200-kilometer LGV. 40% of the financing of the GPSO (Grand Projet du Sud-Ouest) is provided by the state and 40% by the municipalities (mainly the Occitanie and New Aquitaine regions, the metropolises of Toulouse and Bordeaux) through a finance company created after the LOM law. The state would also like to receive aid from Europe of 20%. According to Matignon, the establishment of this finance company will accelerate the start of the work. The completion of the financial package is expected by the end of summer 2021 after final discussions. “We can hope the site will begin in mid-2024 instead of 2029. This will be made possible by the creation of this finance company that the Prime Minister has been pushing for since his appointment,” explains Matignon, who does not commit to a date to complete the work.

Another piece of good news for the region announced in Jean Castex’s letter: the public inquiry for the other new Montpellier-Perpignan line will be launched “(for the Montpellier-Béziers part)” before the end of 2021, thereby reducing public utility operations will be declared in 2022. Another act in which the Prime Minister is personally involved. “

“Jean Castex has restarted the file”

The LGV Bordeaux-Toulouse will put the capital of Occitanie about three hours from Paris against four currently. Thanks to the TER services operated by Matabiau, users of Toulouse, but also all regional lines, will benefit. A camouflage or lot user will also save an hour on their trip to Paris. Finally, the region wants to use the construction of new tracks to reduce the congestion on the rail network around Toulouse and to set up a real RER.

For the President of the Region, Carole Delga, “this is a crucial step. We have been demanding a quantified contribution from the state for four years. We have come a long way: Emmanuel Macron blocked all LGV projects for three years. We can thank Jean Castex for relaunching these acts and the dialogue with the state since September 2020. “The President of the Region is now waiting for a financing agreement to be signed, which will allow the timetable to be finalized. This time Toulouse and Occitanie won their LGV. Carole Delga hopes for “commissioning by 2030”.

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