Lidl and Aldi stores stormed Germany for anti-Covid tests that were being sold on the shelves!

In the last few days the branches of Aldi and Lidl in Germany have been taken by storm! No, they haven’t released a new food processor or home automation system! They have been selling anti-covid tests on their shelves since March 6th! On the same system as the antigen tests that we do in France, in the screening centers …

In Germany it can be done at home with a result in 15 minutes. In view of the dissatisfaction of the German citizens, the health authorities are now turning to massive screening!

In order for this Covid 19 screening campaign to go as far as possible, the German authorities therefore approve the sale of antigen tests in supermarkets! The campaign, which has already been carried out in pharmacies as in France, was obviously not enough!

Germany is therefore attracting more attention by opening the sale of antigen tests in supermarkets. The aim is to test even more massively and gradually give back more freedom. Specifically, Aldi sells the package with five tests for € 24.99 and Lidl for € 21.99. In a few days, the tests will also be available in pharmacies and other chain stores.

On the one hand, if you want to cross the border, you know that at the moment, even if it is not closed, it is no longer possible to go there to do your shopping! And the supplies are already exhausted!

Covid-19: when will the screening tests be carried out in France?

– Sophie Laurent (@soplaur) March 4, 2021

Remember that in France the screening centers are open to everyone, that the tests are also carried out in pharmacies and that they are covered by social security and without a prescription … After the masks that are now being sold in supermarkets the antigen drugs tested on our supermarket shelves? The future will show!

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