Limited? Discover three metrics not to be missed!

And let’s go! Containment Act 3! So this time not for everyone, as the department affects 16 departments! But 23 million French anyway! Some will return to teleworking, others will not leave! We invite you to discover three of our last readings that turned out to be quite interesting. Enough to spend a couple of hours in perspective. Reader or paper, you decide!

Our three favorites among the literary novelties are Le Crépuscule des Fauves by Marc Lévy, Les Enfants Rois by Delphine de Vigan and Jike Cooper, Police Judiciaire… The last one is a little literary surprise!

The Twilight of the Fauves by Marc Lévy

We may not be very objective because Marc Lévy is one of our favorite authors! But this sequel to “It Happened at Night” is a real success … Lévy tells us about the sequel to the adventures of 9 lovable heroes we met in Volume 1!

Exciting thriller highlighting 9 outlaws who are risking their lives for the good of everyone! In addition to writing this thriller perfectly, Lévy highlights the excesses of our time! The Group 9 hackers trying to thwart the wild animal conspiracy … Quite a program! Be careful, you must have read “It Happened at Night” to understand this story! The Twilight of the Fauves (€ 21.90 on Amazon).

The Child Kings by Delphine de Vigan

One of her first novels “Nothing is against the night” left us with a bitter taste … We tried the reading experience of this author again with “Les Enfants Rois” …

Delphine de Vigan takes us into a world that stretches from the loft years (2000) to the 2030s, and shows us the drifts of a time when “goodness” wins over “wellbeing”! Or how the emergence of social networks and the appearance of all of our social relationships have changed. A novel that raises awareness of the impact of social networks and appearance on our own actions in life! Les Enfants Rois by Delphine de Vigan (€ 20 on Amazon).

According to a study by the GfK Institute for the specialist magazine Livres Hebdo, book sales rose by 233% and the volume by 178% in the week from May 11th to 17th. Image Credit: Shutterstock / PV Productions

Jike Cooper, Judicial Police by Pierrick Guillaume and Alexandre Fouchard

We picked up this little police gem for the last time! And if we liked this story so much, maybe it’s because two police officers are on duty!

Pierrick Guillaume heads an investigative group for the Paris Judicial Police and Alexandre Fouchard works for the Directorate General of the National Police. The two cops throw us into the heart of a criminal investigation, obviously inspired by real facts … Welcome to the heart of Buttes Chaumont and Paris PJ … ABSOLUTELY read!