Lot-et-Garonne: An 83-year-old woman who fell into the canal while driving a car and was rescued by a passerby

The Basics An eighty-year-old lost control of her vehicle and ended its trajectory in the canal. A witness to the scene went underground to save her.

The tragedy was narrowly avoided that Monday, March 15th, in the middle of the morning in the town of Puch-d’Agenais (Lot-et-Garonne). At a place called “La Fallot” on the city limits and those of Monheurt, a woman for some unknown reason lost control of her car and ended her trajectory by falling into the canal next to the road.

He dives without hesitation

Fortunately, a person nearby could see this car exit the road. The 83-year-old driver was saved with it. The witness did not hesitate to plunge into fresh water to get the driver and get her out of this bad spot.

Then the old lady was looked after by a team of firefighters who were on site before being evacuated to the Marmande hospital center. A deputy mayor of Puch-d’Agenais also visited the scene. According to the first elements, it is an old person who lives in the community and lives not far from the place where the car was submerged. The gendarmes also went to the scene.