Lot-et-Garonne: He wants to flee from the police, but has run out of gas

The Basics One man made things difficult for the Agen police. He refused to stop at the orders and fled. He made a night raid on the land of Agen. But his escape ended because of a gasoline failure …

This may not be the best way to visit the Agen agglomeration. In any case, a Corsican driver made it difficult for the Agen police on Tuesday evening. While the curfew was in effect, a police patrol passed a car and wanted to check the driver. He doesn’t understand it that way and refuses to comply. Worse still, he is on the heels of the police and embarks on a journey through the small streets of Agenais.


But even here it seems that this 27-year-old driver has not taken all the necessary precautions. On the Madaillan’s side, he was caught by police under certain circumstances. In fact, it collapsed … from gasoline. The Corsican resident was arrested and taken into police custody.

He had to explain this refusal to adhere to it. His custody was lifted Wednesday night and he is being prosecuted.