Lot-et-Garonne: holder of his license for a few weeks, he is flashed at 166 km / h instead of 80

The essentials A young motorist was checked this Sunday April 18 at a speed of 166 km / h on a part, but it was limited to 80.

The gendarmes of the Motorized Brigade of Villeneuve-sur-Lot checked a young driver on the RN 21 at high speed this Sunday 19 April.

The young motorist, aged 18, driving a Peugeot 207, was spotted outside the city at a speed of 166 km / h instead of 80 km / h on this section.

The immobilized car

Of course, the bikers carried out all the usual checks. The young man’s license was immediately withheld. In addition, his car was the subject of a judicial immobilization.

Another example of great negligence at the wheel when speed remains a major cause of accidents.

“We will tirelessly monitor the streets of Lot-et-Garonnaises day and night in order to dispel the unconscious of the wheel, which thanks to us will find the joy of walking …” explains the Lot-et-Garonne Gendarmerie on their Facebook account.

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