Lot: the assistance dog of the Cahors court, idol of the victims and hero of the prosecutor’s book

The Basics When Lol, the legal aid dog from Lot, intervened one day next to a young victim who had to speak up on a sensitive case, the girl was lying on top of him and Lol calmed the child down. The public prosecutor Frédéric Almendros was moved by it. Lol worked miracles and became the hero of a book.

Lol: Three letters for a first name. That of a dog like no other. The first in Europe to take on the Court Assistance Dog (CAT) mission.

It is the Prosecutor Frédéric Almendros’ great pride in the origin of this initiative, which was ratified on March 14, 2019 in the courthouse of Cahors by the heads of jurisdiction of Cahors and Agen, the presidents of the Lot and Lot-et-Aarone association, France Victimes 46 , Handi Chiens and the fire and rescue service of the Lot department.

Work rewarded by the France Victimes Association

Lol’s intervention and docility benefited 60 people between the ages of 3 and 90 years of age in the context of hearings in the gendarmerie and at the police station, in the case of experts, confrontations, corrective instructions, but also in meetings during the Assizes.

“It wasn’t won in the beginning. This completely new way of experimenting kept me awake at night. I was afraid of a thousand things. That it wouldn’t work, that Lol would bite a child. But the training very The boost He received no more doubts. His work is recognized and even rewarded. Lol won the Coup de cœur award 2019, which was awarded by France Victimes, “enthuses Frédéric Almendros.

An undeniable success

“Lawyers, experts, firefighters or litigants and their relatives have highlighted the appeasement initiated by Lol,” the prosecutor continued.

Lol’s success is undeniable. It was presented to the European Parliament during the International Congress on Victims’ Rights in June 2019. Three jurisdictions have committed to following this compelling example: Strasbourg, Nevers and Orléans and other courts have expressed their desire to follow this path: Bobigny, Tarbes, Carcassonne, Nîmes, Draguignan, Arras, Angers …

Medical tests to assess the effectiveness of Lol

The prospects are ambitious. The Lotois program plans to extend the lol dog’s action to “assisting the accused during their criminal journey”.

How can you measure the dog’s impact on the people he is helping? The prosecutor got his idea on the matter by announcing that a “General Practitioner from Cahors has already given his approval to perform medical tests on beneficiaries of Lol missions to confirm the physiological benefits: lower heart rate, blood pressure, increased oxytocin levels.” (Feel-good hormone) … ”

The academic world is also affected. Frédéric Almendros pointed out “that the colonel of the gendarmerie, Dominique Dalier, is considering with scientists to draw up a diploma for the placement of dogs in the judicial sector”.

A book by Frédéric Almendros

The icing on the cake: The public prosecutor relies heavily on his “Lol Story” with this innovative and effective concept to promote it through a book that he has written as an author and that is entitled “The Therapist Dog” and that of Favre editions published with the caption: “I Lol, Labrador and First Aid Dog.” The sound is set.

The dog tells of his adventures and his benevolent attitude towards the victims. In this book, part of which will be donated to the France Victimes 46 association, Lol speaks in the first person. Even if the animal is not a person, but he has helped some as long as he could afford that fantasy. In this extraordinary true story, it is the victims that are kept in check and the dog that helps. Or rather a strong paw.