Lunar Conquest: soon fish farms on the moon?

Send Earthlings to the Moon since July 16, 1969 when Aldrin, Armstrong, and Collins set foot on lunar soil. But the lunar experiences are likely to intensify and a question arises! What could lunar tourists eat? French scientists are trying to answer this essential question for the future …

Today space food consists of freeze-dried products, but tomorrow? Could we eat fresh produce? Flesh? Fish ? If it seems complicated for meat to raise meat animals on the moon, it may be possible for fish. Explanations!

While the European Space Agency plans to build a lunar village, scientists are looking for possible food on the moon. Your plan of attack: a fish farm on the moon! By shipping live eggs from Earth transported in the water by the moon, they might be able to spawn moon spawn! A hope for the astronauts, who could then enjoy bars instead of powdered food.

How did you do that?

Scientists from the Space Center of the University of Montpellier and the French Research Institute for the Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER) chose sea bass as their test fish. So they packed eggs and small bars that were thought to be more resistant than adult fish. Then they exposed the eggs and fish to a tremor similar to that of the Soyuz rocket launch.

The eggs and fish are shaking like they did when the Soyuz rocket was launched. Photo Credit: Shutterstock / Design Projects

After shaking, 76% of the sea bass eggs and 95% of the lean eggs have hatched. These numbers resemble an identical tablet of unshaken fish and eggs. Which suggests that small sea bass and eggs could therefore be raised on the moon!

Scientists believe this not only provides a varied diet on the moon, but also provides a connection to earth for these astronauts. This is real advancement in conquering outer space, but the study doesn’t say whether astronauts need to think about sticking a fishing rod in their luggage?