Lyon: You can legally “burn” even more red lights on your bike!

Drivers watch out, many cities in France are going “green” and encouraging the proliferation of cyclists. In the metropolis of Lyon, for example, small panels are gradually being installed in various locations around the city. Fabien Bagnon, in charge of roads and active mobility, explains that this is not a political choice, it is a doctrine …

The new Lyon majority elected in 2020, an ecologist, wants to promote bicycle traffic in the city … And the development of an intersection with small “M12” signs at red lights is underway!

But what are these M12 panels?

M12 signs are triangular and outlined in red. You are at intersections, at red lights or when giving way. With two direction arrows (straight ahead and right), cyclists can therefore drive past a red traffic light or, in certain cases, give way. In the ordinance of January 12, 2012, “Signs allowing cyclists to move in direction at traffic lights” were defined.

The signs allow cyclists to enter an intersection without paying attention to the existing signs when there is no danger. In this way, the red light becomes a signpost for cyclists who still have to go through a security check.

M12 panels and their variants.

The M12 signs do not give priority to cyclists but allow them not to stop when there is no danger. M12 symbols do not apply to electric scooters or other vehicles, only to bicycles!

A goal of 1,650 panels in Lyon by 2026

So far, 706 such panels have been installed in Lyon … By 2026, all intersections in the city of Lyon should be equipped, ie 1,650 M12 panels. According to Fabien Bagnon, the purpose of this device is not to save time for cyclists, but to protect them.

M12 panel in the city of Lyon – Photo credit: AB / Neozone

By separating the start of bicycles and the start of cars, cyclists can judge the best time to enter the intersection without disturbing other users.

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