M6: Capital looks back on Elizabeth Faure’s amazing building: the house in A.

If you too saw Capital on M6 last Sunday evening, you noticed that there was talk of new houses … Tiny houses, new or used mobile homes! And you may have spotted Elizabeth Faure in the flesh, as well as her now famous Maison in A!

Since making the Internet buzz, Elizabeth has opened visits to her cave every Saturday … and visitors crowd at the gate to visit her interior. Elizabeth built her entire A-House for less than 35,000 euros. Electricity, plumbing, partition, roof, everything was done with his hands, with the help of some friends …

Elizabeth’s A house

Keep in mind that an Ulule campaign is currently running to help Elizabeth with her online tutorial project. Indeed, before the many messages received with Morgane Launay, they decided to propose the plans and techniques for building a house in A on YouTube. And given the capital report, the messages should keep flowing.

Elizabeth started building her home in A in 2013 on a very tight budget. When she built her house, she planned to provide decent living space for people on a budget. Of course, to get Elizabeth’s result one has to be a minimal craftsman, and this cannot be improvised.

Elisabeth Faure. Photo credit: Morgane Launay

Real estate prices are rising

According to the Capital website, property prices have skyrocketed since early 2020 … Cities like Saint-Etienne, Le Mans or Besançon are seeing their square meter prices reach new heights. “Marseille, Toulon, Orléans, Saint-Etienne… For a year now, property prices have exploded in these cities that are perceived as“ discounted ”. They sometimes even narrow the gap to neighboring, more upscale metropolises. “”

You can also find out the real estate prices in your region in the Public Service Simulator. So Elizabeth’s house costs around 195 € per m² (180 m² for 35,000 €. Far from 1,520 € / m² in this region or 10,296 € / m² in Paris! (Source Efficity)).

The number of self-built houses could continue to increase, explains the sudouest.fr site. They have the advantage of being built quickly and, above all, enable small budgets to become owners without running into debt for more than 25 years! Today buyers want to be owners without giving up their free time … And building a classic house sometimes involves sacrifices of several years!

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