Mad Honey: A Nepalese honey that is banned for sale because it can drive anyone crazy who eats it!

A few days ago we invited you to discover the many benefits of honey. But did you know that one type of honey is hallucinogenic? Obviously, honey is made from the flowers the bee collects. So when the bee collects certain types of flowers, it gives honey that can drive you crazy!

Don’t worry, you won’t find it for sale on legal websites! On the other hand, it seems to be found on the darknet and other parallel markets. This honey comes from some species of rhododendrons and azaleas and contains grayanotoxin. And this “crazy treasure” can be very dangerous.

Even if nobody has died after ingesting crazy honey, the consequences can be dramatic. For example, a report from tropical medicine reports that a family of 6 in Reunion was poisoned by crazy honey. Depending on the amount swallowed, this can lead to a drop in heart rate or hallucinations. Ingesting crazy honey can lead to paralysis and loss of consciousness.

Crazy honey is made by bees at high altitude mainly in Turkey and Nepal. On the other hand, it seems to be doing well in the illegal product market! Every day, Nepalese honey hunters risk their lives on the steep cliffs to harvest “crazy honey”.

And it’s not from yesterday!

The first known facts about crazy honey dates back to 401 BC. It is said that Greek soldiers who went through Turkey consumed this honey in the process … They had been abandoned for a few days of bad travel! And current consumers are still describing the same symptoms.

(Yellow azalea flower, Latin name Rhododendron Luteum.) A honey that comes from some species of rhododendrons and azaleas and contains grayanotoxin. Photo credit: Shutterstock / ZayacSK

In manufacturing countries like Nepal or Turkey, however, “crazy honey” is used in traditional medicine. It would fight high blood pressure and provide energy to those who lack it.

It would also have the same effects as a certain blue pill given for male impotence! Crazy honey is one of the most expensive in the world because of its illegality, its potentially hidden virtues, but also the fact that it is considered a drug! Obviously!

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