Manual or electric toothbrush? Which one should i choose?

If the question did not arise a few years ago, today manual toothbrushes are gradually disappearing in favor of electric toothbrushes. The technologies of these electric toothbrushes have developed a lot and now want to be connected, high-tech, rechargeable …

Some people swear by manual toothbrushes, bamboo of course, we avoid plastic, while others never go without their electrics. In France, only 10.6% of the French prefer the electric to the manual. And others don’t understand the usefulness of an electric toothbrush. A scientific study explains the difference between the two brushing methods!

Scientific study!

This study, published on the PubMed website, compares manual brushing with “electric” brushing. And it’s about removing plaque, tartar and gums. It also analyzes the costs and adverse effects of the two methods of brushing teeth. The experiments were carried out over a period of 4 weeks with 3855 participants. The studies looked at plaque changes and gingivitis.

The result was that rotating vibration electric toothbrushes can remove plaque faster and reduce cases of gingivitis. You would reduce the bleeding associated with brushing your teeth by 17%. The authors of this study therefore concluded that the toothbrush with rotary oscillation offers better teeth brushing than a manual toothbrush.

And in the facts?

According to the study, the electric toothbrush would therefore be more effective than manual tooth brushing! In fact, it all depends on how you brush your teeth! If you brush your teeth after every meal, three times a day for at least 3 minutes each time, manual brushing is just as effective. And if you use an electric drive, the cleaning time remains the same: 3 minutes. And precise manual brushing is better than fast electric brushing.

In fact, it all depends on how you brush your teeth! Photo credit: Shutterstock / New Africa

Which toothbrushes to choose

When it comes to choosing a manual, there are many choices, but you prefer soft hair. Medium or hard bristles irritate your tooth enamel. Synthetic bristles are also less aggressive to the gums.

Therefore, if you choose an electric one, it is better to choose one with rotational vibration. It is better to choose a rechargeable battery than batteries. As the batteries wear out, they become less efficient. Finally, choose interchangeable round heads … and don’t forget to change them every 3 months or less!

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