Meghan and Harry: five questions that arise after the shock interview

The basics The Sunday night interview of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle in the US was aired in the UK that Monday evening. It provokes important reactions. The comments on the skin color of Archie, the son of Harry and Meghan, are very commented.

Harry and Meghan’s shocking interview was both expected and feared. And his broadcast in the UK this Monday evening must have shaken the walls of Buckingham Palace. A year after leaving the UK and moving to Montecito, United States, the couple honestly confided in famous presenter Oprah Winfrey.

What revelations have Harry and Meghan made?

Harry and Peghan made five key revelations during their American television interview.

Archie victim of racism. Meghan Markle has accused of racism against a member of the royal family. Before the couple’s baby was born, he was reportedly concerned about the color of his skin because of the origins of Prince Harry’s wife. This person’s name has not been disclosed. Oprah Winfrey said during the daytime on Monday that Harry had told her that this member of the royal family was neither Elisabeth, her grandmother, nor Philip, her grandfather.

Meghan had suicidal thoughts. Meghan Markle has revealed that she had suicidal thoughts while she was a member of the royal family and living in the UK. “I didn’t want to be alive anymore,” she said to Oprah Winfrey. She stated that she was thinking of harming herself. She claims she received no support from within the royal family.

Harry was very disappointed in his father. Prince Harry said he was “very disappointed” with the reaction of his father Charles, who allegedly refused to answer his calls and cut him off financially after leaving for North America. “My family left him completely financially.” And to make it clear: “I will always love him, but a lot of damage has been done”.

The couple are expecting a little girl. Meghan is pregnant with a girl. This is the first time the baby’s gender has been published. The child is supposed to be born this summer. The child will be the couple’s second child.

A secret wedding. Harry and Meghan said yes on May 19, 2018 at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor in front of cameras around the world. However, the couple had secretly married three days earlier. “Nobody knew,” explained Meghan Markle.

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What is the British press saying?

British media believe the rift between Harry and Meghan on the one hand and the royal family on the other has reached a point of no return. It’s “worse” than the royal family expected, writes The Times. For the telegraph, the monarchy would have needed a “bulletproof vest” against the “grenades” fired during the interview. The Daily Mail, which is often critical of Harry and Meghan, denounces Harry’s “insults” to his family, “hypocritical” speech and “disgusting propaganda”.

A family from Liverpool is watching the interview with Harry and Meghan this Monday, March 8th, 2021. Photo AFP

Will the British royal family react?

No official reaction from Buckingham Palace was released on Monday night after the prime-time interview was broadcast on UK television. The royal palace is unlikely to react. The Queen’s golden rule is “Never complain, never justify yourself”. According to the Daily Mirror, Prince Charles and William would be “sad” about this shocking interview and its contents.

Queen Elisabeth and Prince Philip, June 20, 2014. AFP photo

What will the couple’s future be?

The couple’s priority, as we can imagine, will be the birth of their second child this summer. From a financial point of view, the couple had signed a multi-year contract with Netflix to produce exclusive content: documentaries, feature films or children’s programs. If Meghan has been an actress in the series “Suits” for several years, then the couple has no production experience. The couple also signed a contract with Spotify to produce the Archewell Studio podcast.

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Is Reconciliation Possible?

Harry and Meghan have given up their royal highness title. However, they retain their title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which the Queen bestowed on them on the occasion of their wedding in 2018. Harry can still be referred to as a “prince” as that title refers to his birth. A reconciliation in the coming weeks after this interview is hardly imaginable …

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