MENU. Are you traveling from abroad? Find out the color code and restrictions that apply to you

the essentials As of today, a color code determines the reception conditions of travelers in France by country of origin. Green, orange or red … depending on the country you come from, you have to follow certain rules.

As of today, travelers have to deal with a color code that defines the restrictions they are subject to. Here is the map made by the government on June 2nd according to the health situation.

In green

If the country you are from is highlighted in green, you will be prompted for a negative PCR test unless you have been vaccinated (with one Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca vaccine and four at least 14 days prior to travel date Weeks for Johnson & Johnson). However, no compelling justification is required. The countries marked in green are those of the European area, Australia, South Korea, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, New Zealand and Singapore.

In orange

The countries marked orange are the USA or Great Britain. If you come from one of these classified countries, a negative PCR test is also required for people who have been vaccinated. There is a compelling reason for not vaccinating, a negative test and the traveler must be self-isolated for 7 days.

In red

For red-rated countries like South Africa, Brazil or India, a compelling reason is required for the traveler, plus a negative PCR test, vaccinated or not, and a quarantine of 7-10 days, depending on whether you are vaccinated or not.

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