Mexican researchers are offering a nasal mask to help them reopen restaurants!

Since the beginning of 2020 we have seen innovations in hygiene, masks or virus cleaners … But there are no limits to the imagination of some and it is a mask of a new genre that has rocked the web for a few days …

The nasal mask that allows you to eat while protecting your nose at the same time! If the ridiculous doesn’t kill, we have to admit that, for once, not only is it seemingly ineffective against the spread, but it’s also something ridiculous that has never been seen! A kind of diaper just for the Tarbouif! No, but are you really serious?

Indeed, yes, they mean business with these Mexican researchers who recommend this nasal mask under the surgical mask in order to be able to … eat in complete safety. Specifically, you eat with your family, but with fewer than 6 people you wear your surgical mask. And when you are drinking or eating, tuck your mask under your chin (not recommended) and your nose will be protected from other guests who seem to be protecting you too!

WHO says NO to the nasal mask

And the face mask is the solution proposed by the Mexicans to reopen restaurants! If the nasal mask for Mexicans is a solution of the future, the WHO strongly advises against the use of this mask! The WHO recommendations remain a surgical mask that protects the nose, mouth and chin!

Researchers in Mexico have developed a “nose-only mask” that can be worn under a normal face mask.

– Reuters (@Reuters) March 24, 2021

And the 2 m social distance, also for meals … We will soon have to change our dining tables because 2 m needs a large table between every 6 people! In short, the nasal mask is fun right now, but not validated! Nothing says it won’t be someday, we’ve seen so many twists and turns since January 2020 that nothing would surprise us!