Mia kidnapping: Here is the squat in which the girl and her mother hid in Switzerland

The essential Mia, the 8-year-old girl who was kidnapped by her grandmother in the Vosges Mountains on April 14, and her mother were found squatting in an old abandoned factory in Switzerland that Sunday morning.

Everything is fine, that ends well for Mia. The 8-year-old girl, for whom a kidnapping alarm was raised on April 13th, lives and is “in good health”. She was found squatting with her mother in an abandoned factory in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland.

Mia and her mother arrived on site on Saturday. The place is the old Reuge factory where music boxes were made. It became a squat in November 2019, which was occupied by the collective “La Baz”. A crouched woman told the Swiss 20-Minuten edition that the little girl spent the day making pictures and handicrafts and cracked nuts with her mother. This woman made no connection with the girl who disappeared in France.

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“It was violent”

The Swiss police intervened this Sunday morning. A muscle intervention always after this woman. “I heard the girl screaming. There were between four and five masked men with her. I thought she was being kidnapped. Then I realized it was the police. The mother was embarked and remained calm, but the girl screamed. It was violent “. The public prosecutor of the canton of Friborg, Jean-Luc Mosser, told the daily Le Matin that Lola Montemaggi, Lola’s mother, had not resisted.

Mia’s mother will be heard by the Swiss police on Sunday. The Nancy Public Prosecutor’s Office has issued a European arrest warrant that will allow Lola Montemaggi to be returned to France for an examining magistrate to question her.

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Mia will find her grandmother

For her part, Mia will be handed over to her grandmother in the next few hours. Mia was abducted on April 13th at her grandmother’s house where the courts had housed her. Three men had come to his home pretending to be child protection officers. Grandmother left her house in Poulières in the Vosges at around 4.30 p.m. that Sunday, accompanied by the gendarmerie.

The five men suspected of abducting the girl had carried out a “military operation”, according to Nancy prosecutors. Unknown to the judiciary, they are in “a community of ideas” and “against the state” and “the health dictatorship,” said the judge. You should be charged and imprisoned for the next few hours.

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