Millau. Aveyron. Éric Bouad: From the shadow of Johnny to the light of “Musclés”

The essentials The 72-year-old artist’s career was more than full. He contributed to many successes in the music industry before becoming known to the public for ten years on TF1.

“I said to my mom, ‘You see this guy, Johnny Hallyday, well when I grow up I’ll go with him. ‘I was just a little kid, 12 years old. More than twenty years later, I was on stage with him. And we had this little thing between us. Sometimes he would come up to me, for example during a saxophonist’s solo, and say to me: “Your mother, how are you?”

With this anecdote, Éric Bouad, who was born in Millau on September 22, 1948, would almost sum up the extraordinary career he had completed in almost sixty years. This man of incomparable bonhomie and with a clear southwestern accent knows him in general for his character of Eric von den “Musclés”, the orchestra of the “Club Dorothée” and the group of the series, the “Salut les Musclés” in the almost eponymous Televised “.

Two small window monuments from the 1980s and 1990s. An artist known for having worked with the greatest and for whom it all begins in the city of the glove.

“We lived badly …”

“I was born near the Saint-Martin church because a midwife worked with a” doctor “next door. But also because my grandfather, who was very” Catholic “, was” Swiss “. In the church he was dressed in contemporary clothes, with a pole and he gave orders to the faithful during the service. “The Bouad family quickly moved to the city of Briançon:” We were in old American barracks that had been recycled. We lived below the level of the Tarn. When he was a bit nervous, we were flooded the whole time. We had no hot water, no bathroom and Turkish toilets for five families. We lived poorly. I didn’t have 20 cents in my pocket to buy a Carambar ©. “

In his youth in Millau, Éric Bouad discovered music and the guitar. He even founded the group “Shooting Stars” with several of his acolytes, some of whom still live in Millau, such as Michel Margalejo and Jean-François Fabre. From representation to representation, from performance to performance, from meeting to meeting, the South Aveyron people make friends with people with well-stocked address books. In 1968 he joined René Coll’s orchestra, which opened in 1975 with Pierre Groscola for Michel Sardou, before working directly with the famous singer. “I finished the last record with Sardou in November 1981. In December I was with Johnny in Los Angeles (USA).” Childhood promise kept.

Meeting with Dorothée in 1986 before a tour

This collaboration resulted in no fewer than ten albums, some of which were produced directly in the USA, and important dates such as “Zwei-Drei-Mois de Zénith (in Paris) 1984”. 1985 had a “low period” despite contributions to Dick Rivers or Les Forbans. “At the end of 1986 I did a promotional session on guitar for a friend from Toulouse, Gérard Salesses, who is Dorothée’s conductor. It’s a Monday and he asks me if I’ll be free next weekend. He said to me,” Come on on Wednesday me, I’ll give you about forty songs to study because we’re on tour. It starts on Saturday in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes). “Les Musclés” didn’t exist yet. There they introduce me to Dorothée, but also to the other musicians. I only know René because René des “Musclés” played with me at Hallyday. Then we go on 40 or 50 dates. “

At the end of the tour, in September 1987, the producer Jean-Luc Azoulay announced to the young band that they would land “with a ten-year contract with Dorothée” on television, that all-powerful medium of time. . The name “Les Musclés” will come later. It comes from the drinks for children of the time of the brand “Fruity”, partner of the “Club Dorothée”, whose slogan was “Fruity is muscular”. “I did a little sport, recalls Éric Bouad. Dorothée then started:” Perfect, we call you Les Musclés “.” Out of the shadow of Johnny or Sardou in the light of the studios, Éric Bouad keeps the great musical successes in which he participated with the first and the “laughter and friendship” he experienced at Dorothée, “an extraordinary woman. They have to part the musical from the rest, because we didn’t really like what we did with “Les Musclés” from this point of view, but what did we laugh about? 550 episodes “.

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