Mirepoix: It’s up to you to vote for it to be the most beautiful market in Occitania

On this Easter Monday, the Mirepoix market looked sad without all the stalls of so-called “non-essential” shops … But the holiday and the bright sun made us forget these absences. And all those questioned agreed: “Yes, Mirepoix is ​​the most beautiful market in Ariège!” So we have to say it and announce it very loudly … but above all we have to vote on ladepeche.fr before April 21st so that the Mirepoix market contributes to a bigger vote with TF1.

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But before that, we must first beat Saint-Girons, who is currently at the top of the departmental title. Everyone has their own arguments. “I don’t know the one in Saint-Girons. For me, Mirepoix is ​​the most beautiful market,” proclaims Georges.

Christina, a cheese dairy at several markets and who knows both, “prefers Mirepoix, the surroundings are more beautiful”. The same goes for Léonie: “In Mirepoix there is no noise from cars, it’s more pleasant.”

Alison has been coming to the Mirepoix market every Monday for 36 years: “I love the social mix, the mix of generations, but also the mix between locals and newcomers.” At this point, one could say that Mirepoix and Saint-Girons are ex-Aeco. But for Dominique, born in a family of market culture, there is no photo. “The market is one of the reasons for me to stay and live in Mirepoix. It’s the market that is really great, really big for a small town.”

Laurent, a recently arrived gardener, is still in flight … “But it’s really worth it, it’s very convenient, I sell everything very well in Mirepoix!”

A cheese maker who comes from the Tarn adds: “It’s a small weekly market, but a very nice market. I’ve been coming every Monday for 8 years and my colleague from before had stayed for more than 15 years!”

Pierre, who is now retired, recalls: “In the 1950s I came to sell rabbits with my father. Even then, the Mirepoix market was a big market.”

Christine, arborist, drives the point home: “Mirepoix is ​​a beautiful, lively and colorful market. We run other markets where we sell more than here. In fact, customers are more likely to come to the farm. But I’m happy about it. Come.” Monday in Mirepoix. “

With all of these glowing testimonials, all you have to do is vote for the Mirepoix market … and win!