Miss Lot-et-Garonne 2021: The tiara and the scarf for the Agenaise Mathilde Bizet

The essentials The verdict of an election like no other, organized under a hygiene bubble in Monsempron-Libos this Saturday, was passed at the end of the day.

In a very special context, the election of Miss Lot-et-Garonne 2021 took place on Saturday at the end of the day in La Pergola, the parish hall of Monsempron-Libos. Only the 8 candidates, the jury and the technical team had the right to meet in this place which, in the absence of an audience, necessarily lacked warmth. We know the passion that revives every year for such an event election of the beauty queen of the department. And yet it was necessary for all these beautiful people to pass a test to prove that no one was contaminated by the Covid-19.

Fortunately, our new digital world made it possible for relatives and supporters to follow the elections live as they were filmed and broadcast on a social network. It was an opportunity to remember, if necessary, the professionalism that drives Eric Laurens.
The regional delegate Miss Aquitaine was able to ignore the absence of spectators in order to lead the 8 candidates perfectly. In return, they turned down their career paths and which led them to apply for that election. We often made friends and family there.

This boardsports fanatic didn’t put on stilettos

In the biggest elections, there was a “blackout” moment for candidate Inès Jagueneau, which has not prevented her from representing Cancon well since she was elected second runner-up. The first runner-up to win her ticket for the Miss Aquitaine final on September 5th at the Casino Barrière in Bordeaux is Chanel Ransart from Saint-Martin-de-Curton. And finally, Agenaise Mathilde Bizet is the one who won the votes of the jury and the public, who was invited to vote by SMS!

She wore a big smile when she was presented with the tiara and scarf. There is no doubt that the fever will win the prefecture back in a few months when it comes to supporting them in the regional elections.
Mathilde Bizet is a big fan of SUA, a rugby club that her father Jean, a character from Agen, worked for a few years ago. She is currently preparing a second year of study in European communication and information in Toulouse.
A few days ago she said she was scared of the idea of ​​running in stilettos during the elections, but that passion for board sports, especially surfing and skiing, hasn’t slipped nor the microphone test!

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