Mission Deep Time in Ariège: The discoverers (outside) of time have just rediscovered daylight

The essentials After forty days, which were spent several hundred meters underground and almost an hour’s walk from the entrance to the Lombrives Cave in Ariège, the fourteen explorers (outside) of the Deep Time Mission, seven men and seven women, have come to live with Christian Clot gathered just found the light of the sun. They were greeted with “bravos” and applause in front of a crowd. Pale, emaciated, but in good health, the fifteen explorers were delighted to find the heat of the sun: the cave imposed a temperature of 10 ° and 100% humidity on them. They were particularly welcomed by around forty accredited journalists.

They just left and saw the light of day, but their mission officially ended exactly on time at 8 p.m. the day before yesterday, Thursday: Mélusine Mallander and Jérémy Roumian, the two leaders of the Deep Time Mission who stayed on the surface, sounded The Gong announced the end of their isolation to the fourteen explorers (out of time) who had been withdrawn for 40 days at the bottom of the Lombrives Cave. Mélusine Mallander and Jérémy Roumian then opened the wrought iron door blocking access to the expedition’s base camp and joined the group of prisoners to tell them the news. Since their descent into the Lombrives Cave, several hundred meters underground and about an hour’s walk from the exit, the explorers had been put out of time with no landmarks. “When we arrived they were going about their daily business. Some washed themselves without knowing anything, says Jérémy Roumian.

Yesterday morning two scientists – Stéphane Besnard, a specialist in neurosensory conflict, and Quentin Montardy, whose studies focus on emotions – visited the Mission members in preparation for their return to normal life. The discoverers answered an initial series of questions, combined with a blood test, samples of which were sent to Foix for analysis.

After testing the interviews – about forty journalists are accredited for the press conference waiting for Deep Time’s volunteers as soon as they leave – after their lives the members of the expedition can finally … take a hot shower more than a month at 10 ° and a humidity of 100%, which has gradually worn out its resistance, like that of computer equipment.

The mission aims to study the response of a human group under extreme conditions and its effects on the brain.

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