Mitterrand, 40 years old. François Mitterrand, the goalkeeper who became president

Posted on 09/05/2021 at 11:00 PM, updated at 11:10 PM

The Basics He never kissed Barthez’s skull, didn’t invite Armstrong to the Elysee Palace like Sarkozy, or carried the car in public like Giscard, but Mitterrand was an athlete. A real. Football, rugby, cycling, golf, the head of state valued the sport more than is often assumed.

Let’s be careful not to judge the presidents of the mine. For François Mitterrand, the first reflex of our memory is not to take the risk in sports. Few witnesses have seen the tall man in shorts or crampons, even if in his youth he was a goalkeeper valued by his teammates from Saint-Paul to Jarnac. However, it is enough to shake up the closet a little …

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