Moissac: The Uvarium restaurant announces its closure

The restaurant at the Uvarium kiosk, the landmark of Moissac, has announced that it will finally close its doors at the end of October after the lease agreement was not renewed by the municipality, the owner of the premises. Explanations.

Cédric Dierckx has been installed at the Uvarium kiosk since 2016 and bows. “It is with regret that I have come to share this news with you … After 7 years of fun and great adventures by your side … After a year of fierce battle against sanitation, closures and reopenings …”, the restaurant said on its social networks, denouncing “a political decision” after the city decided not to renew the lease. A message that sparked many comments from Moissagais who regretted this decision.

A conflict with the community

The starting point of the conflict between the restorer and the community are the frescoes that adorn this atypical place and whose state of preservation leaves a lot to be desired. Since the building has been a listed building since last year, the question of its preservation has arisen …

“After his election, I invited the mayor to the restaurant to discuss the issues we had encountered since the previous municipality refused to update the building and we had an electricity bill of € 18,000 per year, compared to € 3,000 normally, I even suggest paying double the rent to finance the work, and he tells me that it would be necessary to close in winter so as not to have to heat, as this would damage the frescoes The problem is that we have a year. A round lease that should be open all year round, with employees that can not only be held for half a year! And without heating it is impossible, “explains Cédric Dierckx. The managing director claims to have proposed several solutions to continue his work and to have been surprised “during a meeting with the mayor last February after several letters went unanswered” that the town hall will not renew the convention binder.

For its part, the city council claims it has given the restaurant the opportunity to continue its operations by agreeing to close winter and serve outside from May to September. “I made the mistake of not putting it down in writing, but we talked about it in my office and he explained to me they weren’t interested. I can understand, but there are frescoes that are deteriorating. ” Years around Years and The Director of the Drac brought this issue to our attention, especially since they are classified and know that they used radiators while heating is prohibited, “assures Romain Lopez.

“It is his right to terminate the lease. I am not disputing the choice, but the way we wear the hat. I just wanted our customers to know that we did not choose to leave, that we would Wanted to find a solution, but that we will use this last summer and prepare a new project, “concludes the restaurateur. “One thing is for sure, there will be a new festive restaurant next year,” says the community that makes applications.

Art Deco frescoes painted in 1933

Damage can already be seen on this photo from 2009. Photo DDM archives

This octagonal pavilion from the 1930s in the finest Art Deco style, both in architecture and through its paintings, was dedicated to its openness to the practice of oval healing. For this reason, the exterior frescoes, which protrude over the four semicircular vaulted entrances, represent entanglements of vines laden with fruit and twigs. They were also the subject of the inspiration of the painter Domergue-Lagarde, who signed the now protected interior frescoes in 1933. Here and there branches of vines, trills and leaves run over the walls and ceiling, interrupted by fantastic faces and angels, all to the glory of the grape.

The town hall ensures that a refurbishment project is developed for the uvarium and that the frescoes are renovated. A place that, according to the community, should see the light of day “before the end of the mandate”.

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