Montauban: A madman lunges at a police officer with a knife and is shot

The essentials Armed with a kitchen knife, a person met a police officer in Montauban. The latter, with his service weapon drawn, shot twice in his direction while cornered by the madman. However, it did not hurt him. The person under the influence of cocaine was later arrested without being verbally abused. He was taken to the courthouse on Sunday evening and charged with attempted murder of a police officer.

The scene that took place on Friday evening March 12th on rue Frédéric-Cayrou in the Beausoleil district high in Montauban (Tarn-et-Garonne) between a man armed with a kitchen knife and his daughter at his ex- Wanted to see companion. and the police trying to calm him down almost resulted in a bloodbath.

Alarmed by a woman who reports that her ex-partner and father of her fifteen-year-old daughter is standing in front of her house in a state of great excitement, an APS (local security group) police patrol is on site. In front of them, the individual who does not calm down when he sees them takes a 20-centimeter kitchen knife out of his backpack. The man who does not seem to be in his normal condition becomes more and more threatening with his knife. The officers then asked for reinforcements.

The policeman shoots him twice

Upon arrival, the person yells at one of the policemen, at whom he throws his knife in his hand: “I will kill you!” One of these plainclothes officers, who has taken out his service weapon, flinches while the madman tries to stab him and then fires twice in his direction without touching him.

The madman is not for everything that calms down, hissing from the other police officers, nothing helps. “It had no effect on him, he withdrew the braces himself (arrows projected by the police’s electric pulse gun),” said public prosecutor Laurent Czernik. The suspect runs off and drops his knife on the floor. At around 7:30 p.m., he was finally arrested with some difficulty.

After the interviewee was seen by a doctor and his condition was found to be hearing impaired, he was taken into custody at the police station. The latter denies killing the policeman who shot him. He said, the prosecutor explains, “that he only wanted to attack himself, that he was desperate not to be able to see his daughter”. The man, known for his heroin addiction and more recently cocaine, actually damaged the front floor with his knife during the altercation with police. The forty-year-old confessed to using cocaine while in police custody.

Charged with attempted murder of a police officer

After nearly forty-eight hours in police custody, 41-year-old Montalbanais, who was originally from Haubourdin (north) and had a record with eleven mentions, was referred to the courthouse on Sunday evening.

Given the gravity of the facts, prosecutor Czernik decided to criminalize the case by requesting the initiation of a judicial investigation into attempted murder of a publicly owned person as well as weapon violence without ITT (total incapacity for work). towards the seven other police officers present. After his indictment by one of the Montalbanian investigating judges, the defendant was taken into custody in the Beausoleil remand prison that evening.

Along with us, his lawyer remains cautious about the criminal qualification of the facts. “At the moment there is nothing that proves my client’s intention to murder,” guarantees me Jérémie Gloriès, who intends to request psychiatric expertise and other elements of the investigation from the coroner. Specifically, he intends to ask whether the police were equipped with individual cameras during their intrusion or whether there are surveillance cameras in the area that are likely to have filmed the facts. “What is certain is that my client, who is mentally vulnerable, is completely overwhelmed by the situation and the criminal qualification of the facts,” confirms the Montreal lawyer and ensures that “we have come close to the tragedy … My client was very happy that the shots didn’t hit him ”.

Police unions are demanding more resources

The police unions Alliance and CFE – CGC wanted to pay tribute to the “coolness and professionalism” of their colleagues in a press release and in particular to support “the police victim of this attempted murder”. They also congratulate the Montauban public prosecutor’s office for “maintaining the attempted murder, which will hopefully allow a sanction corresponding to the charges”. “”

A case that also raises questions among the police union representatives. “We can only worry about the staff shortage at the Montauban Police Station and wonder why a specialized crew like the APS consists of only two officers, even though this unit takes precedence in the most dangerous interventions.” said the representative of the alliance union, who concluded his press release by asking “for an urgent reinforcement of the police officers in Tarn-et-Garonne in order to strengthen all public motorway departments as well as the investigation.” “”