Montauban: With a view to Brexit, Blue Whale is securing fruit marketing

The essentials The Mont-Albanian company, the national leader in the export of apples, offers its 300 French manufacturers increasingly secure marketing. Customs clearance, payment guarantees … blue whale bears the risks.

In terms of fruit marketing, Blue Whale acts as a Swiss Army Knife to secure the transportation and sales of French producers. This Mont-Albanian company, the leading French branch exporter, takes care of the customs duties, the administration of the transport companies and the payment guarantee for the 300 arborists it represents, regardless of the export risks. Faced with international competition, Blue Whale is now attacking more remote markets like the Middle East and Africa, which accounted for 13% of their exports last year. The “blue whale” no longer hesitates to play in the Asian market and in Oceania. It accounts for 12% of its exports in 2020, where China is nevertheless the highest authority. Payment strategies that enabled him to generate a turnover of 267 million euros in the last financial year.

Adaptability as a strength

“Over the years we have gained some experience in geopolitics. The speech of a head of state who suddenly closes a border, increased sanitary and customs restrictions as in Brexit or, more traditionally, the balance sheet of a wholesaler are dangers that we have to manage,” explains Christophe Belloc , President of Blue Whale. The producers and the 16 cooperatives that trust us to sell their fruit expect us to provide turnkey solutions for finding commercial outlets. We are very pleased with the compotes and jams market in the area to develop 8% per year, adding value to non-standard fruit. We all need to find sales solutions. “

A highly anticipated Brexit

From the offices in Montauban, Blue Whale’s around one hundred employees organize transport for the national market (France remains the leading market with 28% of sales) and the most important exports. In 2020, 55,000 invoices were managed, 18,000 orders from the English market required considerable administrative work due to Brexit. Blue Whale had also made arrangements to anticipate the closure of its first overseas client’s borders. To prevent the fruit from getting stuck in trucks during customs controls, storage areas have been reserved in the immediate vicinity of the control area.

Since then, a “Supply Chain” director has been appointed to manage the entire logistics chain from producer to wholesaler. The large export represents 500 customers in 74 countries. The Tarn-et-Garonnaise apple is therefore not ready yet …