More and more stores offering CBD are opening in France

CBD is probably the product of the moment! It is true that given the general atmosphere that prevails in today’s world, products that allow you to relax legally are becoming a necessity! With less than 0.2% THC, a psychotropic substance, CBD is no longer considered a drug since the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union on November 19. The ban on the sale of CBD was indeed considered illegal in France in the name of the free movement of goods! Since then, CBD has experienced an enormous boom in our country!

Remember that CBD is not a cannabis resin! It is a natural substance extracted from the hemp flower. It has no effect or addictiveness. Hemp flowers are becoming an alternative to chemical treatments that can be used for relaxation. Or go back to sleep, avoid insomnia, in short, overcome environmental stress.

Hemp flowers have a mood-regulating effect. They can help lower your heart rate and relieve stress-related headaches. They would be a real remedy for the stress of the environment and would make it possible to achieve a serenity that is more sought after than today.

How to consume hemp flowers?

Hemp flowers come in different forms: capsules, oils or natural flowers. It is possible to consume them as an infusion. The most common form is the herbal tea made from hemp flowers, which is taken in the evening before going to bed! You can also enter into smell therapy …

Putting them in a mug and inhaling their perfumes for a few minutes a day can also have a positive effect on accumulated stress. Of course, it is also possible to vape them with the purchase of a herbal vaporizer. They can also be used in the ingredients of a cooking recipe, although the effect will be felt longer.

The shops are sprouting like mushrooms

Many stores specializing in the sale of legal cannabis and products containing CBD are opening across France. If the first shops opened their doors a few years ago, today special websites open this growing market for all of France.

The first franchise company

My BudShop is the story of Morgan who chooses to work with his brother and sister. They specialize in products related to CBD such as oils or cosmetics. My BudShop CBD flowers are becoming a benchmark in this field … They are of natural origin and come from Switzerland or Italy. They are all homogeneous, both in cannabinoid content and in their appearance or taste.

The My BudShop team doesn’t stop at selling CBD products though! When you step into any of the stores or browse the website you will find in-depth advice and products tailored to your needs … some flowers are relaxing, others stimulating and you need to choose the right product. The branch teams will help you make the best choice!

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