More than 20 positive cases: Near Toulouse, a first college closes completely for a week

The essentials This is undoubtedly a first in Haute-Garonne. Given the large number of positive cases and the closure of a fifth grade on Monday, the management of Germaine Tillion College in Aussonne decided to close the entire facility for a week. Lessons are offered “in the distance” up to and including Monday, April 6th.

This is a priori a first in the Haute-Garonne department. On this Monday afternoon, the management of the Germaine-Tillion-College in Aussonne (in the north-west of Toulouse) decided to close the entire facility with 755 students in Aussonne, Daux and Merville after consulting the ARS (Regional Health Department) Occitanie and the health unit of the academic directorate of Toulouse. “The situation in Covid at college is rapid. We are closing to protect the students, their families and the staff,” said the director Pascal Precigou in a letter to the parents of the students on Monday evening.
In fact, when classes resumed after the weekend yesterday morning, a fifth of 26 classes had to be closed. The college then had more than twenty positive cases among students and staff, with all students in the same class considered as contact cases with positive cases.
Since the facility is closed until Tuesday, April 6th, classes are offered for one week “in the distance” for all classes and all levels from the sixth to the third via the ENT portal (Digital Work Space). “The pedagogical and pedagogical teams have known it for a year and will be able to maintain the schooling for the children again,” assures the school principal.

The entrance to Aussonne’s college. / Photo DDM, JPR.

The class councils of the second term of office are conducted via video conference. Classes should continue face-to-face on Tuesday April 6, provided that students and staff take a test on Sunday April 4 or Monday April 5 and result in negative and no symptoms.

Dr. Burgalières, medical advisor and department head 31, explained the procedure to the parents. The facility started posting frequently asked questions starting Monday evening to inform those families who faced such a situation for the first time.

“It is a sensible decision, I am confident of how the situation will develop,” concludes principal assistant Lucie Fabre.