More than 250 people demonstrated in Toulouse in the name of the right to housing

The basics This Saturday a demonstration will be organized in the streets of downtown Toulouse. Hundreds of people pound the street in the name of the right to housing.

“Displacement is more damaging to health than Covid”. This Saturday, March 27, almost 250 people are demonstrating in Toulouse city center on behalf of the Right to Housing (DAL). The protesters met in the Saint-Cyprien district in the early afternoon and marched towards the boulevards to then join Jean Jaurès. The atmosphere is festive, musical and peaceful.

At the moment the demonstration has stopped at Allées Jean Jaurès. A group of demonstrators (one hundred people) gathered in front of the Crédit Mutuel des allées. They put up banners. No unfortunate collisions. The police blocked access to adjacent streets.

Protesters in front of the Crédit Mutuel allées Jean Jaurès DDM / Anaïs Mustière

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