Morocco: French comedian Brahim Bouhlel has been sentenced to eight months in prison after the video was found offensive

The Basics The Validated actor filmed three minors insulting them in a viral video that caused outrage and pressed the actor to apologize.

According to his lawyer, Me Marouane Rghioui, Brahim Bouhlel was sentenced to eight months in prison in Morocco on Wednesday April 21st.

The actor and comedian, best known for his role in the Canal + series Validé, was in custody for two weeks with a French-Moroccan influencer known under the pseudonym “Zbarbooking”.

They were charged with “broadcasting a video of someone without their consent” and “kidnapping a minor”.

Viral video

The origin of this belief is a video that went viral in which we see Brahim Bouhlel in a restaurant in Marrakech next to “Zbarbooking” and the French actor Hedi Bouchenafa. The actor then films three minors who utter insults. This scene caused outrage on social networks.

Given the controversy, the three men apologized, arguing that it was a “parody” video.

For the actor’s lawyer, “The verdict is very harsh! It is the story of a bad joke that brings its writers to justice. However, they sincerely regretted the comments made”. Brahim Bouhleh will appeal his conviction, his lawyer said.

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