Murder of Magali Blandin: what role did the husband, his parents and a Georgian citizen play?

The main four people were charged and detained for the feminicide of Magali Blandin, the 42-year-old mother who went missing in Brittany on February 11th. Justice creates “a criminal conspiracy”.

After a few hours in front of the Freedom and Detention Judge, the verdict fell overnight from Saturday to Sunday. The husband of Magali Blandin, the 42-year-old specialist educator, mother of four, who has been missing in Brittany for a month, has been charged and detained. His parents and a Georgian are also charged and detained.

Jérôme Gaillard: Trial and Murder by Spouse

Jérôme Gaillard, the husband of Magali Blandin, a 45-year-old unemployed, is charged with “spouse murder” for killing his wife. On the second day of his detention, he confessed to having hit his wife twice with a baseball bat on the stairs of the apartment building where she lived. He transported the body to the shelter and left it there all day on February 11th. He returned the following night to clean up the crime scene and transport the body to a snowy forest. There he dug a hole to put the body down and cover it with quicklime. Jérôme Gaillard is also being prosecuted for “attempted murder by a spouse”. He declared during his police custody after asking the Georgians to execute his wife for 20,000 euros in the fall of 2020.

The parents of Jérôme Gaillard: attempt and complicity in murder

Jérôme Gaillard’s parents, hence the in-laws of the victim, are 72 and 75 years old. Their involvement was never mentioned by the judiciary until the Rennes prosecutor’s press conference on Saturday evening. They are charged with “attempted murder by a spouse against the first criminal project”, namely the project of execution by Georgians. They are also charged with “complicity in the murder by the spouse”. “It’s a family act that needs refinement. It’s quite rare that the parents are involved in a criminal project or even in the support they could get them to do. The investigation has to determine the role of each,” said Philippe Astruc, the Rennes prosecutor. The couple were locked up overnight.

Georgian national: attempted organized gang extortion

A 39-year-old Georgian is charged with “attempted organized gang extortion for legal recidivism” and “destroying evidence of a crime in order to obstruct the manifestation of the truth”. According to Ouest-France, his car was used to transport Magali Blandin’s body. He was locked up overnight.