NASA discovers rocks similar to those of Périgord on the planet Mars!

NASA researchers use names of Perigord rocks. Photo credit: Shutterstock / OSTILL is Franck Camhi & Lubo Ivanko

This may sound strange to you, but NASA just made a little special announcement! Périgord rocks would be present on the planet Mars! NASA geologists claim to have discovered minerals similar to those in Dordogne on Martian soil.

A physicist at CNRS in Bordeaux, Bernard Trégon, actually announced on his Facebook page that NASA researchers are using the names of Périgord rocks to talk about those discovered by the Curiosity robot. Ribérac, Brantôme or Limeyrat, all these names denote the rocks of the Dordogne!

In fact, the Dordogne is a department rich in many minerals. These minerals led to a geological classification in the 19th century. And in the Dordogne there are very few known rocks such as nontronite!

Based on this classification, NASA geologists have identified certain rocks on the planet Mars. And it turns out that the formation of the Martian rocks is more or less the same as the formation of the Dordogne rocks. Even if you haven’t found any stones from the Dordogne, there are the same classes of rocks on Mars!

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Posted by Bernard Tregon on Sunday 14th Mar 2021

In a recent article published by NASA, the engineers cite names such as Brantôme, Limeyrat, Sorges … all similar to the rocks found in Dordogne. Scientists also use German, American or Australian city names to refer to the rocks of the Red Planet.

Bernard Trégon is amazed to know that rocks similar to those on Earth may have formed on Mars! He just says, “This is absolutely fabulous”!