Neeobreath: A Breton company invents the including crystal mask, more filtering … and transparent!

At a time when our third deconfiguration begins, the question of surgical masks will arise again. Remember that wearing a mask is actually vaccinated for the time being in most of the French regions, even if they are vaccinated. A Breton company based in Quessoy (Côtes-d’Armor) has just launched a new mask that is said to be one of the most filtered on the market today.

His name: Neeobreath, a 100% Made In France mask that could change the lives of many professionals. This new type of mask is filtering, transparent and reusable. We haven’t seen the smile on their faces for months, this mask could also change our lives.

A “crystal” mask

The first to wear this new Breton mask are the soldiers of the French Navy. Neeobreath or “crystal mask” is innovative and perfectly protective. Guillaume Turbec, designer of the Neeobreath, explains in the France 3 columns: “Today we can see everything in the world of masks. I wanted to create something transparent and, above all, effective and safe, of French quality. “

In just a few months, exactly four, Neeobreath will be the first patented mask that does not produce fogging. This innovation is possible thanks to four valves and a filter, which are among the best on the current market.

3 filter modes

The mask has three filter modes. The “classic” mode, the “communication” mode by removing one or two exhalation valves (loss of the double flow effect) and finally the “sport” mode by removing the inspiration valves to optimize the filter surface (single flow) This is what the company promises in its demonstration video , “without losing the filter quality”.

A virus killer filter

The filter is virucidal and works thanks to an active ingredient based on copper. Its lifespan is one month and costs € 9. In addition, the reusable filter reduces the environmental impact of disposable masks.

For whom, for what?

“This affects people with autistic disorder and people who are hard of hearing, but that’s not all. We must also think of traders, restaurateurs or even hearing aid professionals who need these masks to communicate with these people, ”said the deputy delegate for disability at Evreux Town Hall, Francine Maragliano, on the france3 website.

This also affects the 385,000 children with disabilities at school, the Foreign Minister announced on the website at the end of September last year. “In this new school year, around 385,000 children with disabilities have returned to school% more than last year, the Foreign Minister also reminded, without however specifying the number of children who were withdrawn from school. “”

And the rest?

And the innovations shouldn’t stop there, because Neeobreath is currently working on a different type of filter made from natural fibers. To further reduce the ecological impact with a 100% recyclable material. We don’t know how long to wear the mask, but seeing smiles on faces still seems nicer!

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