New dust wave from the Sahara is expected this Sunday in the southwest

The essentials In France, a new wave of dust from the Sahara is expected from Sunday.

This has been a recurring phenomenon since the beginning of the year. “A new surge of sand and dust from the Sahara is expected in France between Sunday 25 and Tuesday 27 April,” said meteorologist Guillaume Séchet on Twitter.

“If a depression expands and positions itself near the Iberian Peninsula, a strong south / south-west wind can rise between Morocco and Algeria, which raises large amounts of sand dust in these regions,” explains the meteorologist at Meteo Paris. “When the wind is sufficiently sustained and strong between these sectors and France, all this dust will be blown directly into our regions, giving the sky a yellowish color and sometimes falling in the form of muddy / sandy rains when the atmosphere is quite humid. ” .

The showers forecast in the Pyrenees at the end of the day should “bring these particles to the ground,” Météo Pyrénées said.

An orange sky in broad daylight

The first time Saharan dust fell in Occitania and the south of France in general was on February 5th and 6th. The sky was orange and the snow in the Pyrenees ski resorts had turned beige. The phenomenon was repeated twice with smaller amounts of sand.

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This dust fall from the Sahara occurs at least once a year in France. The contribution of the particles was measured at 12 grams per m², says the Parisian Tristan Bergen from the website The record dates back to February 21, 2004, when France received 1.5 million tons of sand.

Deteriorated air quality

Follow this contribution from dust at altitude: the air quality will deteriorate. Bad news for people with breathing problems, especially those with asthma.

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So if you have planned to wash your car this Sunday, wait a bit … otherwise you’ll have to start over.

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